I miss him. H

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  • I have no idea what any of the comments say. Kids should not be on this website. Don't schools teach grammar and punctuation these days?

  • What you failed to be able to read/comprehend is more 'text speak' than it is poor grammar, spelling and punctuation. It really doesn't take a rocket scientist to decipher the below comments either. "No one curr/No 1 curr" would equal "No one cares". "My J is not your J troll" should have been, "My J is not your J, troll". 'J' is being used as a discreet short form for a name or nickname in this case. A "troll" as being used here is both an insult, and a current popular internet term for people that like to be bothersome to others on the internet. "You and the OP need to s**** off". This one seems self explanatory, but just to be clear "OP" stands for 'Original Poster' meaning the person that made the original confession. Are you able to follow now? And for the record, I understood all of this, and I am not a child. :)

  • No one curr

  • No 1 curr

  • My J is not your J troll

  • You and the OP both need to s**** off

  • Mr J is short for Joker from the batman franchise an H is short for Harley Quinzel aka Harely Quinn the jokers lady so for the people saying Mr J is a troll mind your own f****** business...

    The Joker aka Mr J

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