Wanting more, but keep the bf.

Kay so I don't want to cheat on my boyfriend, that's just low and stupid, but if I could only go like on a break with my bf, and go have a thing with a guy friend that I'm crazy about and need this obsession to go away. I don't know if lots of people do this or they just cheat. When I try and tell my friends about what's happening with me, they just shoot it down, "keep it to myself", "it's normal", "you love your bf right?" "Don't do it." It's hard for others to understand me.Probably why I don't have that many. I want to tell my boyfriend how I feel like this, we have told each other if there's a person who's attractive or has a nice butt, and someone who's attractive on a show, but not like one of our friends.... He jokes and it's really nice he's not a jealous type or care if I hang out with a guy friend. This guy friend, we ended up just friend cuddling after a night of drinking on a trip. twice. It was nice. just friend cuddles, but told him how i had felt, but we're still good friends. i totally stalk him sometime, but I've stopped so i Don't freak him, he knows though. He hasn't left my friendship yet. He did like me when he met me, but backed off when he knew I had a bf, he's so respectful but now has said he doesn't like me like that now. So idk if I guess he changed?

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  • If I was your nd and found all that out I'd kick your country ass to the curb

  • Damn autocorrect I meant *bf

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