My Own Family

When I was 6 years old, a few weeks after my father passed away, my cousin sexually touched me. Being a little girl I had no idea what was going on. Then I learned about s**, and rape, and molestation. My own cousin who was a girl sexually molested me until I was the age of 11. The only reason she stopped was because I was staying at my friend's house and her brother tried raping me. I told her and we told her parents. They asked me if it has ever happened before and I said yes, my cousin touches me. They told my mom, and she called the police. 2 years later, at the age of 13, my best friend was 7 years older than me and she had some of her grown guy friends come over. She took one of them in the room and had s** with him leaving me with one. He pinned me on the floor and lucky my guy cousin lived under my friend (they lived in apartments) and he shouted my name. 2 years later, I finally get a boyfriend at the age of 15. First boyfriend ever. We were at his house and he tried to have s** with me, I told him no and he slammed me into the wall and hit me multiple times, then he tied me to his bed and touched me. I haven't spoken to him since then. I'm 16 now.. To this day I feel like I shouldn't be here. Why did it have to happen to me?... And for those of you going to say "you made this up blah blah blah" I did not. I'm mentally and emotionally destroyed over this. Thank you for reading.

Aug 26, 2016

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  • Us cousin a girl she had no c*** were u dissappointed

  • There's a whole lot of trolls in here who will write nasty things just to get a reaction out of you. Just bored people with nothing better to do who get a kick out of it. Ignore their comments and focus on those from people who obviously have you best interest and well being at heart.

    Stay strong!

  • Wasnt your fault. There are a lot of people out there who do things like this

  • Don't tell us tell the police.

  • I have and they did nothing

  • Sorry to hear this. People are monsters and some won't think twice about it. Just remember that your life is more than those moments and that you have a whole world ahead of you. S** is a part of life, and unfrotunately some people try to take that from others. Find something healthy to help cope and do what you need to feel better. Talk about it, don't talk about it, etc. cause the human experience is unique amd we all do things our own way.
    Best of luck. I hope you're able to avoid future torment.

  • It's not your fault, ignore anyone who says different. Those people who hurt you are to blame. Please see that you're more than that experience and stay strong it will get better, just stay you and do what you feel is right. It's your body and they can't take that from you. If they try go to the police immediately and tell anyone and everyone

  • Come out of ur shell stop complaining find a nice boy to give u pleasure and u do same 4 him start with head

  • Its probably because you seem vulnerable. You are probably attractive and act naive. Let me suggest this.

    Stay away from boys until your 18. I realise one of your molesters was a girl but you can try to avoid them too. Most people aren't like this but you seem to live around and attract the bad elements.

    Try to be more assertive. Predators can recognize prey even if they are stupid in every single other way.

  • That's my goal is to stay away from them

  • But i like to suck

  • Forget it a bit of c*** never did a girl any harm u wil enjoy better next time

  • When boys have horn they dont hav much control secret is tak their horn away hand job would suffice

  • Wtf are you serious!? I was 11 years old and 13 years old!

  • If shes old enough to bleed shes old enough to breed

  • I gave oral at that age and stil am

  • They should all be sucking by 6

  • So what are you saying? Give the dude a hand job or get raped?!

  • Yes but mayb u liked it

  • I'm the same age as you and a male. I hate that this happened to you. Just know that it's not your fault. I know people like you who were victimized and still feel that they're to blame. It's not your fault that other people have little self control or decency.

    Stay safe. And tell someone if anything like this happens to you again.

  • Thank you so much. It means the world for your words

  • I dont understand id hav loved it

  • I am shocked and so very sorry to hear what you've had to go through! To have it happen once is a scaring trauma in itself, but to have it happen time and time again throughout your life...
    Are you still a virgin today? If not, has the s** been consensual or not?

  • Virgin no i have more c**** than hot dinners

  • Thank you. And No I'm not a virgin, I wish I was, and yes it was consensual but I freaked out at first because of everything that has happened.

  • Yes but after u freaked out u settled and lay quiet till u got a shot i bet u liked it then

  • Do u shave and was ur cousin shaved trimmed or hairy

  • Why the h*** does that matter you sick perv.

  • It matters i love smooth p**** and hairy ass u dont mention ur ass did u evr get it there

  • I'm sorry this has happened to you :( I'm a guy and for other guys to act that way is just barbaric...

  • Thank you, I hate myself because of if

  • Dont hate urself ur cousin liked ur p**** did she giv u head

  • Stop trying to make this into your own sick little reality s** novel! If you want something to m********* to then go look for p*** and leave people with real problems who are looking for sympathy and help alone!

  • U got lots of attention as a youngster did u enjoy

  • What a sick f****** question to ask!

  • Get real a little girl touched u couple of boys had bit of horseplay wit u it wasnt a big deal happens al the time stop being the f**** victim and grow up

  • Are you serious? I was raped you d*********!

  • No raped is when a big ugly n***** gives u his 11 ins with no lub and ur p**** is sore 4 six months

  • No I didn't enjoy it! I was sexually molested! I'm scarred for life!

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