Chronic Masterbator

So I was taking a walk yesterday in my neighborhood when I became h****. It was around 9pm so I just took my d*** out and started j********** while I was walking. It was the best o***** I ever had. I came right on the side walk as I was walking and never stopped walking. I'm going to do this every night. I also went out on my back porch and jacked off.

I was on an elevator and a really nice looking woman got on with me. I stood behind her on our way to the 18th floor. I just pulled my c*** out and started j**********. I was so excited I came in 5 seconds. I hit the back of her paints and she never turned around or even noticed. She had earphone on. I wonder what she thought happened when she noticed my c** all over her paints.

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  • Paints?

  • My parents don't let me m*********.

  • My parents let me j*** off but they don't let me come.

  • Gross, dude.

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