For an exceptional man

I see what holds you back because it is still in me too. One last indulgence that lasts forever. I can't condemn you because that would be hypocrisy. Yet, I think we both have the sense to know that it will not lead us to where we want to truly be and where we truly need to be. I can't compete with those girls in that way. I could try but it would be inauthentic, it's not me, not what I truly desire; I could have a lot of money, have amazing developed talents to impress but those things aren't what I'm about. Believe me, I could have anything of the material world I wanted, I have the willpower and know how people operate, The problem with taking the higher road is, you are very limited in ways that those who choose a different path, aren't limited in. I love you and I know what sort of man you are; you will make the right choice when it comes down to it. I will continue to admire you, even while I'm not a part of your life. I don't need to be in your life, all I care about is that you stay true to your cause and stay noble.

Aug 27, 2016

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  • So well spoken! I've been single so long because I can't seem to find someone with your same sort of mindset. One day I hope to find someone who simply accepts me the same as I accept them with neither of us trying to change one another.

  • What u need n a mate is a flute lik a jack ass

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