Only you know

Lost in transit
Times when sparks fly
I find myself.
I can truly hear my beat
Random,erratic yet calm.
Just you know why and how......

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  • I wish royals would get lost in transit again. wouldn't be nice to see a few more killed off as road side kill like diana, her sons and their partners squished into the road would be a good feeling. I used to be fooled into liking these people but now I see the fakers and mockery they do to people first hand. its all over tube and media what b****** they are and how sleazy they all are. road kill - that is all they deserve to be road kill.

  • I do know. The beating does not dissipate with distance.

  • True

  • It's an unrivaled rhythm. I love feeling it...

  • I know it enjoy the rhythm then only

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