Old flame

Married 5 years. Not super happy but not unhappy. Rather healthy relationship with a 2.5 year old. Crappy s** life. I met up with my old boyfriend seriously thinking we were going to just be friends, go to dinner and chat. We dated when I was 19. It was both of ours best relationships and the Sparks are definitely still there. We never really broke up. I just started dating someone else because I didn't see him much living in college with no car and he used his parents car and lived 1.5 hours away from my school. The s** was always amazing and I feel things with him that I've never ever felt with my husband. After all this time, I assume it isn't just butterflies. We kissed a lot and We are still madly in love! We had a great relationship. I'm struggling with if I should get divorced and we could try to date and see where it goes. I know that I don't want to leave one man for another but I also know I am not totally as happy as I could be in my current relationship. I don't think my husband will ever change. And if he does I don't think we can Create sparks like I'm feeling for old flame. I'm worried the affects of getting divorced in my child. I want to give myself the chance to truly be happy and in real true love and not live this fake marriage just for her.

Dec 5, 2015

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  • The solution is clear: continue to see the old flame and see how things go, while you remain in your marriage. If the affair continues to produce sparks, and you can see yourself staying with the flame, THEN you will have plenty of time to get a divorce. If things don't seem sustainable in the affair (long-term), then end it, and stay with your husband. Don't eliminate possibilities until you have to . . . or want to. Right now, you don't really want to end the marriage, so don't. Take your time, enjoy your affair, and see where life takes you. S** is about fun, so enjoy yourselves.

  • Stay by ur man for better or worse,remmbr u said "I do". A relatnshp with an ex neva turns out successfully okay

  • Don't hurt your child by leaving unless your husband is abusive or a drug addict, you will regret it and probably end up alone; there are always sparks in a new union !

  • S***

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