Tired of my wife and life

I want to leave my wife sometimes. I work and she stays home. Our kids are in their early 20's, but still at home and I support everyone. The house is a f****** disaster area and she occasionally does the dishes and landry, but she b****** about it to me while I am ?thinking to myself "You get to f****** sleep in as long as you want, but I have to get up at o f****** dark thirty and work a stressful job while you play scrabble on facebook for hours?", but I honestly will not just do everything. NO. She is extremely passive-aggressive, and gets upset when I try to pin her down to make a decision. S** has become nearly non-existent. She says that I need to initiate more and has listed things that would get her going. When I do those things she just rolls her eyes and says something like "It's late, just do it" and then I have to feel like an ass, and unwanted. I tried just stopping any interest to see if she would ever initiate and nope. Just her flicking her bean. F*** her and her crazy ass.

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  • F*** someone else

  • Leave

  • Leave her. Pack your best cloths and boots and take the car you like best, and leave. Leave the payment life in the dust. Stay off the grid for 10 years and start a new life.

  • Mine was like that. I got depressed. Considered suicide. Over a period of time I went through my stuff and chucked all the junk out. Got the personal memorabilia and papers and s*** down to two boxes. One day I put them in the trunk. Put my best clothes in too. She had zero idea. Said good by like normal. Drove to work and just did not come home. Spent a couple of weeks sleeping at a mates place and then rented a place. She cried and winged and I almost went back. I was so lonely often but could not go back to her controlling and complaining. Told her if she wanted me back the house had to be clean. The s*** and crap thrown out. She had to loose weight, smile, dress feminine and sexy and want me back and make it look like she wanted me back.

    She had a couple of dates. Can't really call them affairs because they would only last 2 weeks before the guys would dump her.

    Once she set her mind to fixing herself up she managed it. She said she wanted me back and I said you gotta do what I say and no passive agressive. I still did not move back for 3 months. I'd tell her what to wear and to clean the house and stuff and once she was in the groove I then went back.

  • It's so tough. Sounds like my place. Kids still at home so I feel a duty to stay. She does work part time and the house is OK but zero romance. She controls the social engagements with the calendar filled months in advance. Then she'll say I should take the initiative and organise a date night but whatever I suggest she will say she has somthing else on that time. S** is so unromantic. She will say 'your need is greater'. I just want love, romance and a little appreciation.

  • Leave the b****

  • That s*** would never fly in my house. I don't tolerate any of that crap for a minute.

  • Walk out that door and never return.You children and wife are adults,they can support themselves.They're spoilt,because you've always done,everything for them.It seems like,they've taken you for granted.Leave them in the lurch and start a fresh.Serve your selfish b**** of a wife,the divorce papers,she greatly deserves!!

  • Tell her to go to work to make the almighty buck, as you are doing. Then you don't get to complain anymore.

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