Thank You Online Dating

There is nothing more empowering than looking down at my own member as I hold it to urinate before going to sleep and knowing that it has been inside several girls that day. I have worked out a perfect system since joining OkCupid. I work Monday through Friday so I'll start messaging multiple girls early on in the week and then after building their trust and sweet talking them throughout the week, I'll arrange multiple dates for the weekend. Last Saturday was the most fruitful for me in a while. I had an early morning date for a walk and coffee, a brunch date, a lunch date, a dinner date, and one last late night drinking date. All with different girls and each date ending with intercourse at my place or hers. Before you get the wrong impression, I'm not forcing any of them into anything. It may be true that they don't know about each of the others. But none of them ask if I'm seeing anyone else even though I must reek of each of the previous girls since I don't shower between meetings. I think they even secretly like the smell of another girls juices on me the way they go down with their salivating mouth before letting me bend them over or sometimes they'll pounce on me and ride me until they come. They may not all be 10's but my favorite is to bed the "good girls" who swear in their profile that they're devoted to God. God, nothing excites me more than burying a God fearing chubby girls face in the pillow as I take her roughly from behind with her good Lord in looking down and cheering me on as I drive so deeply into her dripping gash while she moans her savior's name in vain and begs for more.

Aug 31, 2016

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  • Lik me u live by the 3 fs find then f*** them forget them

  • Well you're doing better on ok cupid than me. My observation is that the same girls are on there for years and few want to chat or meet. I don't know why they are there if they don't want to take it further.

  • Fake one!

  • Lol Fake troll! Thanks for the fake read!!

  • Whatever. You must not live in a college town like I do if you think this is fake.

  • Its sad but true 99 per c young girls r whores

  • There's nothing sad about whores and that's true for male or female s****. If it feels good, do it!

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