Plaguing T-girl question

First im in my early 20s and ive been questioning this for some time and by asking here i hope i can get some answers, i love T-girls and would love to date a few but heres whats stopping me im a straight guy and i know its NOT gay to date them or have s** with them, but heres the problematic question: if a straight guy were to have s** with a T-girl should he give her his ass during s** as well?? im hoping to get answers from some t-girls out there who can help with this problem. -anon

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  • Ok first ur most likely bisexual, even though a TS looks like a women u are with another male, its ok i like them to, just like with gay men u have tops, bottoms, and versatile (both top an bottom) u do not have to have a*** s** unless u want to, take things slow, talk, and always be safe.

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