I'm pregnant

And I'm gonna abort it :) my life as a women isn't worth wrecking for an organism that has as much consciousness as a can of pop... I'm gona finish school and get a decent job while all u other retards who don't get abortions are still working for minimum wage or depending on a guy.

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  • I wish your my mom aborted you

  • Nice Christian talk, you must be atheist.

  • To dumb to understand science try any religion they have the answers to all major questions in life

  • U can wish all u want....why don't u pray for it lol maybe that'll work

  • Pray and look at one hand and then spit in the other hand and see which one gets fulfilled first.

  • Adoption is always an option. In any case you shouldnt deny your child life. Every one of us started in such a state and what if our mother said. "Eh, I'll ditch it". Then where would we be?
    Give the child a life. You dont have to raise it.

  • Dumbass. There are 4.0 billion to many people already on this earth. If you "give them up for adoption" they will probably end up in the foster care system. I wouldn't care if my mom aborted me cause I wouldn't be here, and I would have never expirenced life, that's like saying "if you died, would you not want to die?"

  • She is in control of her own body and knows what she wants. Don't bring a baby into this world to be bounced around. Unfortunately no one wants a baby with bad genes.

  • Hey don't add that dudes baby to the gene pool. He was too dumb to use a condom. What a fool.

  • She could of made him wear one so who is the real fool him or her i say both.....

  • Condoms are only 97% effective.

  • Maybe next time a guy f**** u have him wear a condom or go on birth control don't talk about other people your same as them they just have the child

  • Excuse me we are retards unless we become killers like u u are a pathetic excuse for a person

  • Dumbass😂

  • I hope u get f****** raped and get pregnant from that then u can make the decision with some different perspective

  • The best life the best brain the world has ever known started like that can of pop can u kill it

  • If the women didn't want it, sure.

  • Yes that way of thinking silly...

  • Deep down u know that way of thinking is right

  • Yeah that's why I'm doing the opposite right lol

  • Its not silly thinkn its truth a human life is precious from conception til death we should do nothing 2 harm that life ever

  • Straight up stupid...why people like u gotta hold humanity back

  • I don't understand why doctors can create life in a petri dish and throw it away and when a woman does it, she is a murderer.

  • Huh? Spell it out honey. WE aint so smart to know suck stuff.

  • Im sure ul do college get good job but ul stil b a murderess

  • I just got on my period. Some guy jerked off somewhere. Did we do something wrong? No bit*h. We didn't.

  • And ur a stupid b**** have fun wasting ur life....

  • Depends on who believes what. Jesus said there is no sin greater than the other sins. So all of us sinners have to get forgiveness. None are without sin. Actually you must be without sin as you cast the first stone in this conversation.

  • I agree :)

  • Im not casting stones of course we al sin but i hope and pray il never kil a little child

  • And that I never visit a p*** site or read this garbage, or cheat on my spouse or tell a lie.
    Or spread your seeds on the ground????

  • U r a sad looser

  • Honey you do what you need to do to get by. No one will come to your rescue, they will just put you down and let you sink. No one will help you.
    If you abort they will blame you, if you keep the baby they will give you h*** because you need welfare. Do what you think is best, none of he self serving sinners will help.

  • That is because those ppl who do that are literally retarded

  • I suppose the truth hurts

  • You must be a throwback. Who is more retarded than one who cannot express their point and use name calling to put people down. What is your point? Explain!

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