I am a Zoophile, meaning I have the potential to have a deep emotional and loving connection to an animal which may or may not lead to sexual congress (depends on if both parties are up for it and both have reached sexual maturity). I don't care what you say if you are one of those people that 'have found Jesus' and think that my relationships with animals are 'wrong' for not really any reason. Animals may not be able to give verbal consent, but they can certainly say no very early on if you know what to look for in body language. At the point where you recognise those things and keep going or you use drugs or anything that stops an animal from saying no is rape. This is wrong and I have never, and will never go there because that is sick and wrong.


I am a Zoophile and I have found that I have been starting to like one of my friend's dogs. Her name is Kama and she is a greyhound cross. Her fur is so short and smooth and rubbing her glossy coat all the way down makes me feel so in love with her.

I love her and I would be devastated if something happened to her. When I am at his house and no one is around or people are distracted I rub her head and back, moving down her ribs down to her belly. About at this point we are both feeling it and she moves around and presses her genitals onto my crotch and I'm usually pretty hard at this point.

It makes me sad because we can never be together but I want to be with her as I love her. We can't really have s** either as she is spayed and me penetrating her would only be painful for her and there is also the barrier of her belonging to my friend.

I just wish that all of my friends and everyone in the world was open to Zoophilia so that our love could be fine with the rest of the world.


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  • I feel the same way. I was deeply in love with my neighbors mare. I felt I could not cross the line and go all the way, as she was not mine. We did love each other. When I would visit her, I would kiss her nose and get very excited....she knew that and turn around and lift her tail. I only did heavy petting and oral s**....She really enjoyed those sessions, and would push into me and move from side to side.
    Really most of the time I would sit with her with her sweet head in my arms, kiss her ears, bury my face is her mane, and enjoy her scent. I lost her a few years ago...old age....they had to put her down. I was devastated...I still love her. That will never change.

  • Hey, here's an idea, why don't you talk to the guy who wants to violate a dolphin. Oh wait, that's also you. You'd be taking to yourself. Anyway, dress up your pathology however you wish, but leave the animals alone, you miscreant.

  • Just be yourself

  • Has ur family a history of mental illness

  • Correction- "Does your family have a; history of mental illness?"

  • I'd get to a psychiatrist if I were you. This is a mental illness which is developmental in nature.

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