i'm not a s*** in any way. i was with my boyfriend for 3 years and we decided to finally have s**. we were young when we started dating and decided to wait a while. so we did. and when the moment came, i was quite suprised. his d*** was almost retractable. seriously, 2 inches at the most, if that. id never considered myself to be the type of person to care about things like that, but i was immediatly turned off. it was my first experience. and i felt like he was a child. i did it with him anyway although it was almost gross. then i went home. 2 years later, i'm dating a new guy for 1 year and we have s**. 6 inches i'd say. i loved it. my ex and i only did it once...and i couldnt feel it at all. even being a virgin. my new boyfriend whom i'm engaged to now is amazing. i never figured size really mattered, but i must be a b**** because my ex was a great boyfriend, he was just lacking in that area. eventually we ended up breaking up becasue of this. i've been with my new man for 4 years now and we are getting married in march. i love him. i love his average size d***. girls, your lying when you say size doesnt matter. it does! i found out the hard way. even as a virgin, and a good girl, i knew 2 inches just wasnt

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  • i'm a gay female and my gf's hand is bigger than any of those stupid d**** and is ammmmaaazzzzing!

  • i'm a gay female and my gf's hand is bigger than any of those stupid d**** and it.s ammmmaaazzzzing!

  • the size of a mans c*** doesnt compare to the size of his haert. yea his d*** was small but thats a terible reason to break up with somebody. you should feel bad

  • I am a guy with a "2 incher" and I'm afraid the ladies are right. I am very insecure, like most men are about this. I have a very pretty girlfriend, and work very hard for her. Not just, as the one poster says, we "better work on your tongue skills," but other things as well. For instance, guess who cleans her condo every week. I think she likes (and benefits) from having all the power in our relationship.

  • there is variation in vaginal size as well but it is a little irksome when a guy with a p**** under 2 inches says that you're loose. i solved this problem in high school. Told everyone he had a micropenis and eventually he had to prove it. humiliating for him? Definitely. Did he deserve it? H***, yes. The guy was a complete a******. 17 years ago and i'm not one bit sorry. I've had an aversion to small ones ever since. The experience was so heinous that I almost see small p**** as a bad personality trait. For the record, a few good men have enjoyed my tight (their word, not mine) v***** since then. I wish it didn't matter because I'm sure there are some really great guys out there that will just never measure up for me. A turn off is a turn off.

  • LOL I made the 7th post, and I just want to say:

    I KNEW IT!

    Guys with little d**** will claim a girl is loose if he can't get her off. I am not speaking bad of those of you with needle d****, you just have to know how to use them, and find a girl (not me or op) who will like you anyway!

    I was happy to see this post because I had just read an article about women being worried about having too much s**, and haveing thier vaginas streched over time. I found it in Cosmopolitan. It says exactly what I have stated above. Also, that if a man feels as though he has extra room in there, it is cause he is on hte "small side." The v***** has way too much elasticity to be streched by sexual activity. Sources: Cosmopolitan Magazine, Nov. 2008; Passionista: The Empowered Woman's Guide to Pleasuring a Man, by Ian Kerner, PhD.

  • all a matter of taste really. it's only too big if they try to thrust like a man with an average package. can be fab if they learn how to use it properly. take big over small any day

  • Size totally matters...
    but I'll take too small over too big any day!!

  • HAHA funny. im still a virgin so idk if size does matter....... yet.

  • go find a girl who appreciates a little one. i mean there are guys that like fat girls so i bet it's possible

  • if 8 is not too much for a woman, she has been masturbating too much with 2 liters

  • haha 3 different girls a****** and yeah i bet we all have p****** like moldy coffee cans. all girls who like ample c**** are loose slags. whatever gets you to sleep at night. if you think 6 or even 8 is too much for a woman, you are seriously deluding yourself.

  • ha ha the dude above me is correct.

  • B**** above, you're loose. This girl says her bf has a 6, and you up the ante talking 8. Your man f**** other girls and ur loose.

  • LOL Tell it girl! Size does matter! My bf is probably around 8, very thick with a nice curve (fits perfect inside a p****). If we ever broke up, the next would have to be equal or bigger. Sorry, small dicked men, you better work on your tongue skills.

    Oh and BTW, I knew this post would inspire some of those of you to say that women who want big d**** are loose. That is so untrue! No matter how much a woman has, her p**** stays the same size. It is extrememly flexible, and will shrink back down to regular size within hours of sexual activity. The only possible way to permantly "stretch" a p**** is to have a baby. Even then, the change in size is so minimal, that it really can't be noticed. Men calling women loose are insecure about their d*** size!

  • vw or donkey boy? =P

  • " Bet it was like driving a VW through the Grand Canyon." in the case of 1.5 inches, 2 inch girth. couldn't even feel it. he was also a j***. to flip the coin, would you want s** to feel that way?

  • Bet it was like driving a VW through the Grand Canyon.

  • i'm with you honey. my first was even smaller if you can imagine. couldn't keep a condom on. so gross. he was also a douchebag. 17 years later, i still have teeny weenie fear. scared to death it will happen again. the fear i have is almost pathological. i'm scared that i'll fall for someone and find out that he has a micropenis. could not cope with that again.

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