I was wondering, do looks matter to

I was wondering, do looks matter to most women.

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  • Yes looks matter and size too im lucky i have looks and am hung like a jack ass

  • I was just going to see if she does anything, that is a give away that she likes me. Do you think I should just ask her if she is single and if she says yes ask her to a movie.

  • Ok but i'm a afraid that if i ask her if she is single and then ask her out, she matter feel weird if she says no, should I tell her there is no pressure, and I will still be friendly no matter what the answer.

  • To The OP. The only way to know if it means something is to ask her. It's hard to tell otherwise. Because you work there she could just be being nice to you or maybe she's just a nice person in general. So if you think there's something there ask her. That way you get a definite answer and you can either move on or take it to the next level.


  • Ok I don't know how many times i'm going to have to say this but I guess here goes again. If you don't like the what the poster or commenter has said then don't read it. But to answer you question no I will not stop adding my name to my comments.


  • ^ Dude! Lighten up a little and have some fun.

  • ^^ SiteShrink I think that was very well thought out, but a lot of us would appreciate anonymous answers from everyone. I know you don't say the crap that other people on here do, we just think everyone should be anonymous.

    ^Please stop posting, you talk about the same thing every time you are on here, I'm not a moderator, but I do remember a time when everything was anonymous and there wasn't this kind of repeat comment every other page.

    Thank you both.

  • This one girl is beautiful and she smiles at me and starts talking to me all the time, she uses line like " you know me" "my buddy knows what I want" and she has called me sweetie twice she has also said " I'm out of it can't you tell" and I barely know her does this mean anything.

  • I don't know why the last commenter called you shallow but anyway you question all depends on the woman. If you are a man then most women as do men tend to go for people they are physically attracted to, but there are plenty of cases where a guys charm wins over the girl and she forgets about the looks. But like I said that also depends on the woman.

    If you are a girl then there's absolutely nothing wrong with wanting an attractive man. Just don't let that be your only determining factor. Then yes, you become shallow.


  • ^^ Like your gene pool, you are a deeply shallow. I bet you get played so much it isn't even funny, well maybe a little funny.

  • Yes, looks and how bad a guy you can be. Start dealing now, and knock up a couple of women, you are on your way to being stud of the month!

  • That really depends. For me, yes. For most people there has to be some kind of physical attraction in order to pursue something with another person, but if you get to know somebody and they turn out to be a cool person, sometimes it makes you like them more. Also,if you get to know someone without seeing them, it may be possible to like them based on thier personality. . .but for me, I need to feel attraction towards you. . .and usually that means you have to be good-looking (not drop dead gorgeous)!!!

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