I feel sorry for Morgan Freeman and actually many of the people being accused of s** abuse. It comes from an era when this stuff went on. And importantly at the time it was just ignored and covered up and put up with.

I think the only thing that saves me is that I'm not a famous actor. I'm a nobody and so nobody cares enough to investigate or prosecute. But there would be women out there who suffered indignity purpurtrated by me.

For that I apologize. I am sorry and I hope you are able to forgive me.

A short list of guilt.
My earliest recollection is lifting a girls dress in elementary school. And another a girl in junior high.

Another girl who I told should show us her t*** (but didn't make her) and she didn't.

Several girls at different times in my late teens to early twenties who wanted something from me and i can't recall any of the actual reasons and I talked them into letting me feel them up, finger them, feel b**** and so on.

One girl in my early 20's who came camping with us. We made her basically walk around naked in exchange for something and I forget what.

Or when I was aware of abuse and did nothing and neither did anyone else.

Right back in elementary school kids who were physically punished and we would see bruises and just rationalise it away as a parents right to discipline.

The really worst thing was a friend who in our late teens offered his younger brothers ass to me. He said he just takes it slow and gentle with lots of vascelene and when I indicated shock about the kid telling her said his father does it too and used to do it to him and his mom knows it was happening and was probably getting it that way from his dad anyway.

A different era.


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  • Why can't there ever be a happy medium? Letting people get away with horrible s*** is not good. Neither is going the polar opposite direction and screaming that putting a hand on someone's shoulder is "rape" or "assault". This is why I laugh whenever someone claims humans are Earth's most intelligent species.

  • Well I don't belong to the poopy nappy snappy mommy club of a b****** so what does that make me?

  • Going by your comment, I'll go with "mentally ill"

  • Me too!

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