He Came Hard

I decided to cheat on my boyfriend the other day (He's been an a****** for the past 2 months with little explanation). I met with a guy I found online who said he could last along time in the bedroom.

Well he didn't lie

We met up at his place and got straight into it, ripping our clothes off on the way to the bedroom whilst making out was so hot that I was dripping wet before we got to the bed. He started to eat me out for a good 10 minutes whilst I thrashed around from 2 big o******, he then asked if we could 69 which I agreed to happily. I lay down on top of him with my p**** at his mouth again and his c*** in my face and oh my god he was at least 7.5 inch and very thick. I begun by licking from base to tip (Luckily he shaved) for a few seconds before taking him in my mouth and giving him the most vigorous b******* I have ever given anybody. I knew he liked it so much he forgot to pay attention to me as he began to let out small moans before grabbing my head and forcing his c*** down my throat causing me to choke as he blew his load right down my esophagus. I Instantly knew I wanted him deep inside me. I rolled off him gasping for air as he lay there panting from having just came, I got up and smiled saying "Wow that was intense! but next time give me some warning before choking me on that little monster of yours ok?", He smiled and said "Sorry about that I lost control as you were giving such awesome head!" I continued to smile as I said "Well how about the main course? you did say you could last a long time but so far you've already came after only 5 minutes of Head?" "Well" he said "Give me a minute and I'll show you how long I can last", My smile turned mischievous as I decided to get him hard again by sucking on his ball sack and it worked. I laid down legs spread wide as he put his condom on and got on top, I guided his c*** into my p**** (Which was still dripping wet) and it felt so good as he slowly stretched my little t*** (it almost hurt) that I had a small o***** right there! he just smiled and began with slow movements in and out as I adjusted to his size. After about 2 minutes (and another small o*****) I told him I was ready and then he began to pick up the pace until he was thrusting hard and fast that I was thrashing and moaning beneath him with o***** after o*****. he begun to slow down and said something that I missed as I was in bliss (unintentional rhyme) turns out he wanted to change to doggy style to which I nodded my head as he got off me and I turned around and stuck my a*** in the air still weak from the thrashing just moments before but still wanting more, he positioned himself behind and entered me with ease again as I let out another moan. This time he didn't need to warm me up so it was straight into the pounding again as I screamed into his pillows from pure ecstasy after what felt like forever I heard him grunting as he was c****** as he collapsed on top of me pinning me beneath him giving a last few thrusts to finish milking himself before rolling off me. I lay there face down and head spinning before rolling over to my back as feeling slowly returned to my body, I was smiling as I turned my head to see the guy lying there panting with a huge grin on his face. I slowly got up and looked at the mess we had created, there was 2 distinct wet patches from my my p**** juices leaking as he f***** me good and a few other spots from all the sweat. It was then I noticed something strange... Where was the condom? A small measure of panic ran through my head as I reached between my legs and began to feel around in my p****... It wasn't there but something else was and it was very sticky and opaque white... He came in me? I turned to him as he was getting up and Immediately asked "Where's the rubber?' "Huh?, Oh..." He said as he turned is head the other way leaning over the bed side as he picked something up, He then turned to me saying "I took it off before I f***** you doggy so I could feel inside you better", I was shocked, I was... I was... Turned on? I felt a shiver of thrill run through me as what had happened fully occurred to me. This arsehole just came in ME! and I was turned on? What the h*** is wrong with me! I'm not even on the pill! But i just smiled and said "That was hot as h***!" He just smiled more. After I left his place I went straight to the pharmacy and got the "morning after" pill and then straight back to mine to clean up.

I've now completely broken up with my boyfriend (Turns out he was cheating on me with one of my friends for 3 months before I found my cheat) and I've let my new "Friend with Benefits" F*** me as many times as I want (Which is quite a lot) and I've even let him do me in the a*** (Which hurt like h*** the first 3 times) and I've been on the pill since just in case he c*** inside again (And he has many times)


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  • That was f****** sexy as h*** to read right now f*** yeah

  • If it were mentioned it would just be it was big not in inches lol

  • This sounds like a man wrote it it's completely situational for women ex 7.5 inch isn't that big it would never be mentioned

  • Great 2 come n p****

  • P****'s are meant to cummed inside

  • Lol I'm pretty damn sure they are. XD

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