Younger men

I'm a gay man in my late 40's who enjoys younger men. Since I'm in great shape and successful I don't have to pay for s**. With my grey hair and athletic body I have no trouble finding company . I sometimes hook up with men my age and have had relationships in the past but lately I've favored younger men. One of these young men was a checker at my local grocery store. As you know like attracts like or some of us have gaydar if you will. From the first time I smiled at Chris I knew he was gay. Chris is 20 and a sophomore in college . Prior to me he had only one sexual experience. One day as I payed for my groceries and he handed me the receipt I slipped him my phone number. He called me the next day and I invited him over. As soon as he got there we talked about our sexual preferences which made things more comfortable. Nothing happened that day , I was just laying the ground work. He had given me his number soma few days later I invited him to my house for dinner. We are and laughed and drank some wine. Next we watched a movie. As we watched the movie I put my arm around him. He looked up at me and smiled . I kissed him softly which lead to some heavy petting. After doing this for awhile I reached down and grabbed his crothch . He was hung. I told him to take off his pants and was right. A nice eight inch c*** thick and hard. We kissed and I have him a hand job. Precum flowed easily from his slit. He was clumsily trying to unzip my pants so I stood up and got naked. I am muscular and hairy with a thick seven inch d***. When I sat back down on the couch he immediately began to suck me. It felt great. I fingered his a****** which made him suck harder and moan. After about 10 min I could my load burning but I wasnt ready to c**. I pushed him back on the couch and gave him the best b******* of his life. He was so inexperienced and h**** he shot his hot load in about four minutes. It was delicious. I had conveniently placed a condom under the couch cushion and I put it on. I bent him over and slowly f***** his young ass. He moaned and twitched from the pain . I loved it. I made him get on top of me and smacked his ass to make him f*** me harder. He rode me for a long time which made him c** all over my chest. I licked up every drop. Then I bent him over agin and f***** him very hard. Maybe too hard. He cried a little which just turned me on. Finally I was ready to explode . I pulled out , ripped off the rubber and f***** his mouth. He moaned in pleasure as I face f***** him. My body shuddered and I unloaded in his mouth. It was a multiple o******. Swallow every drop , I commanded. He drank a couple of beers and watched some tv. But it wasnt too long before he was on his knees between my legs sucking my aching c*** again. He sucked my b**** and gave me a great rim job. He jerked my c*** until I came again, enjoying his sweet treat. A few days later I went by his job and he blew me in my car on his lunch break. He enjoyed it. Now he is my steady lover and he will do anything for me. Massage , toe sucking , whatever. He has gotten really good at ass f****** me. I've made him more aggressive. I'll dump him soon but he needs to move on. He will take what I have taught him and train others. It's good to be the king.

Sep 7, 2016

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