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Your words are compelling me to dream again.For once I want to become selfish and love you selfishly.Inside waves are roaring I don't know how to subdue.
The feeling is maddening as if thousands bells ringing I try to put my hands on my ears but the sound penetrating deep.
Though I know my boundaries but the crazy soul inside wants to cross and break everything.
Tell me how to convince my stubborn heart it's not listening at all.
Am failing bad ,it's making me greedy ...madly wanting your touch I understand I shouldn't
But I can't tame .. Thousands of thoughts flooding making me impatient ..inside its churning it's like am falling from high-rise and there is noone waiting to save or hold me I know pained I will be yet I want to walk the fire....
Great men said the beauty of precious thing is not truly seen by naked eyes it has to be seen by heart I try to follow but am an ordinary soul so I want to see and touch and my demands do grow...
I truly don't know how to control ...
You are an oasis in my life I know..
My this burning will continue till my grave who knows it might not even end then also....

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  • P.S. Your words touch me deeply. I'll always read them. I'm here. The parts of yourself that you've shared have opened my heart in unexpected ways .You make me feel so much. You've awakened the wild animal in me that wants to defend you from everything that could hurt you... and the pliable side of me that longs to be molded by your hands.

    A couple of things that I've never told anyone have slipped out of me when I've been around you. It's taken me by surprise. It's given me hope that I can one day reach that beautiful place of surrender that I'm working towards. You make me want to open myself throw away the mask and let go. I want to show myself fully to you. I've never felt that desire so intensely before. I dream about walking beside you both free and captured.

  • M...

  • Who are you? Will u plz let me know please

  • Who /What does M..stands for?
    Many confessions this comment is there.
    I know a dumb question but couldn't help had to ask..

  • The pleasure is,was n will be entirely mine always.You always bring out the deepest thought within me which I try to hide.i really want to hold you once and make my whole being see and feel the truth...You are my truth.
    The things which I don't want to share with others you motivate me and bring them out. I always stand in front of you surrendered,defeated,but the pleasure that this defeat brings is manifold than any wining stroke.

  • You are truly one of a kind. I hold your kindness above all others and cherish your tender heart. You say you are holding back but I still feel every ounce of your restrained desire in the limited words you wrote. I will satiate your burning before the end of this lifetime. I promise.

  • Please is not a proper word to say so I won't if you truly feel the promises are not meant to be broken just know am always looking forward to it

  • I don't make promises I can't keep.

  • Hope time will truly change the saying and rewrite promises are made to be kept

  • I won't bare myself fully on here. If I do I want it to be in person.
    I want to whisper my deepest secrets ( and my dirtiest thoughts) in your ears only.

    Just know that I crave your touch as well. My body thirsts for you. I dream about being consumed by your flame. I long for you to unleash yourself on me. I would love to be your release and sanctuary.

    My heart yearns for you. It tells me to stop running. There are so many little things about you that make me smile. You have my love.
    Burning for you...

  • ... M

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