This isn't really a confession; more of a rant. I need to vent. "Islamophobia." I think that that's a really stupid term. There are many, many reasons that people do not like Muslims. They come to America in droves, because the powers that be let just about anyone come here and "become" an American, and they really hate us, and our way of life. Makes no sense to me. I guess they come here for "the money" also. Their "religion" openly oppresses women, makes them wear a stupid veil to hide their faces and bodies because the Muslim men are so insecure, and they cannot control their d**** and sexual thoughts. They think it's ok to rape the women who do not conform to their oppression. It's awful. Ever hear of "honor murders?" Well to the it's ok to murder the females in the family who want to make their own choices; to be their own person. What a load of s***. Sharia law is a real b**** too. Google it if you wish, because it's too f***** up to explain here. Their twisted religion says it's ok to kill "infidels" or non believers in Islam. That's what the Quran essentially says. Beheadings. Ever seen one? Well I think it's one of the worst ways to die. Barbaric. Look at ISIS!! They believe in an "extreme" form of Islam. What a nightmare they are. They hate people called the Yazidis and see them as lower life forms than them. They invade their villages and make all the YOUNG girls and women their s** slaves. They kill most of the men. Horrific. Oh, child marriage is ok too. Great. Notice that this means that the MEN can marry an extremely young girl, but the women cannot marry an extremely young boy. (Who would want to anyways except pedophiles!?) What I have written here doesn't even explain all of how Muslims live, and what they believe in. There is SO much more. SO, is there any wonder why people hate Muslims so f****** much?! As reasonable, forward thinking human beings, you tell me...

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  • Didn't Irish catholiics go to Ameriica in droves? Does the Pope report child abusers in his church to th police? Catholicism is the biggest enemy in the West.

  • They're are all still in the Stone Age yet using modern technology that they have no credit for creating and claiming they know everythin....

  • What does someone having "credit for creating" something have to do with anything. Did you specifically create ANY of the inventions you used? Shut the f*** up. You sound like one of those idiot racists who think because someone of a certain race invented something that automatically makes the whole race better. News flash, that person was an individual. You cannot take credit for something you didn't do no matter your color. Go hop off a bridge.

  • If u can opt out of it it's not a race.......I could convert to Islam Catholic whatever they're all dumbasses who will be laughed at in the future

  • I'm against he religion not the race u dumb a****** they are two different things the Arab world would have retained all that science from a while back and would be one of the more advanced places if it weren't for Islam how about u do some f****** research

  • The Christian vs Muslim fight is like two brothers fighting. Why would two Abrahamic religions that have so much in common with each other be at each other's throats? It makes more sense for Christians to fight Hindus or some other religion that has nothing in common with them.

  • Because most of these so called bible thumping "Christians" are foolhardy hypocrites. It makes me almost ashamed to be in the same religion as them. The amount of bigotry and lack of knowledge about Muslim people as a whole is sad. Pick up a book and turn off the news. Judge people as individuals and step of the high horses people!

  • Muslim girls r no good at s** the men r f****** daft bout their c****

  • I'm not a Muslim but this post by OP is disgusting. Shame on you. How can you bunch a whole group of people together and judge them based off of some of the nut jobs in their religion? That's just like taking any other race or religion and blaming the actions of the bad apples on everyone in said group! it's unfair and shows how ignorant you truly are. Not all Muslim's hate America. In fact, I'm sure most of them come here for a better life. Some immigrants come for a better way of life, ever heard of that? You sound like a baby N*** with first world problems. Grow up and learn that people are INDIVIDUALS and you should judge them by their actions, not the actions of a few.

  • How does OP feel about Italians. They brought the mafia to America and, with exception of blacks, form one of the largest criminal groups in that country.

  • Well said :)

  • Just about everything you described can be found in any form or organized religion. Open your mind. While some Christians may not follow the Bible word for word, that book contains some pretty f***** up things. Why target Muslims? They aren't better or worse than any other nut who believes in any organized religion and claims that their actions are done in the name of their religion.

  • Thank you for this post. OP is a p**** who needs to learn a lesson in tolerance.

  • How has Islam or Christianity been tolorant of others in the past really?

  • Yep their culture sux

  • What's your culture like?

  • It sux too there's a lot of stupid s*** we could do to raise the bar higher (just because something is a tradition doesn't mean we should keep doing it)

  • Like spelling?

  • No one cares bout that s*** online I got my point across....

  • No, actually you made yourself look like an idiot. Your ignorance is showing :)

  • ;) whatever u think

  • Maybe say sir or something in ur writing you'll sound smarter lolol

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