Hopeless Romantic

I consider myself to be a decent guy. I have nothing but respect for all women. I was raised by a strong single mother and I think that is primarily why I grew up to be a kind and caring gentleman. I have never cheated on any girlfriends and cannot even fathom ever doing so. Yet I'm not in any way a mama's boy. I am very independent and have done well for myself in my line of work. But sometimes I wish I could find a real woman who would like to spend time with me. I'm in my thirties and physically as well as mentally stable but I've never been married and have no kids. I have had several long lasting relationships but they have all ended despite my best efforts to make things work. I know the saying that nice guys finish last but I'm starting to wonder if I'll ever find a suitable match. At my age, I can't seem to find anyone on the same page. I recently tried online dating but each time I met someone new who seemed to have a lot in common at first, it seemed to fizzle out immediately because I didn't try to f*** her on the first date. Can't any women appreciate chivalry, honesty, commitment, compassion, and romance anymore? I may not be extremely assertive, but I'm also not the kind of guy who lets people walk all over me. Being in the middle has left me loveless. In conclusion, women either want to be used or to use you. So basically, I will die alone.


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  • I'm a hopeless romantic too, even when I try to play em deep down I know what I'm doing is wrong, I still long for the right woman who 'll love me for who I am. I wanna throw up.

  • That's great, but are you ready to love the right woman for who she is? Or are you really a typical dude under the surface and believe "the right woman" has to be an underwear model and four-star chef with an insatiable s3x drive who's not quite as smart as you believe yourself to be?

  • Society pressures people to get married it's a con

  • The only thing worse than never finding the right woman is marrying the wrong one.

  • Wish u would go and die alone stop anoying the rest of us telling us how nice u are no wonder u r alone

  • Some women deserve respect some don't it's the same thing with men

  • Hold true to who you are and be yourself. Women are looking for a guy just like you. And keep dating, as painful as it can be sometimes, she is out there. You will not die alone. Stay positive. With your long term relationships, have you ever stood back and looked at what may have been the cause for why they didn't work? It's always easy to blame the other person, but we all bring something (pros/cons) to a relationship. Is there anything, you think you could work on? Keep making connections. And when it doesn't work, it's okay. It wasn't the right fit. Better to know early on, then waste years with the wrong person.

  • You know what sucks, I have the same problem but with men! All men just want to sleep with me, but don't want to try dating. I am also independent, not clingy, playful and love to laugh. I work full time and do well. I drive and own a nice car. I have a house. I am a single mother of one son though. No drama there, and I take care of him well on my own. I am also in my 30's. I don't know... it's impossible to find someone that wants more than just bed-fun buddies. :(

  • It sounds like we're in the same boat. I only we had a way to get to know each other...

  • Bad boys will get the girls before you do.

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