hate myself

i try try n try to study,am pursuing my higher education,but things are stuck.i postponed my marriage plans for the same,spend so much time alone,cant believe spend hrs watching tv. . .at this crunch hr.slightest romantic scene makes me cry,i feel lonely lost useless n feel i am spoiin my future with my own hands. . . .i have to gear up. . .but how??????

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  • That sounds just like me. Trust me, eventually--with the right kind of effort, you can come out of it. In such a slump you don't get done the things you need to get done, not because you couldn't, but because the air around you cocoons you into inaction. It feels like you are just waiting to catch the wave that's going to lift your heart and make you a happy, hardworking person again but you can't know when that wave will come. Hold on for now. Force yourself to buy and eat vegitables. Do a half hour of something that makes you sweat. Clean up yourself and your surroundings. Then do something you've been putting off. If you prove to your brain you are stronger than its chemical imbalances (which result in depression) it will eventually follow suit and change too.

  • i know exactly how you feel... you just need to find that thing that gives you a spark on the inside. just find the reason and dont watch romantic movies the give you sad feelings do somthing exciting instead and drink a red bull

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