My intentions are good just let me in

This past Sunday I attended church after a while of being away from home and working out of town I had the chance to go in to my lords house. Let me start of by saying a bit about me. I'm 24 years young I'm a solid business man and CEO of my own company I network and a constantly making moves. Built dude I guess you can say buff 6'2 slim body light blue eyes light complected. With dimples that sink into my checks. I think I'm very handsome if so that's what woman tell I was sitting on the bench fixing my tie waiting for church to begin there she was. Single mother with 3 kids. How do I know she was a single mother? Her kids asked her for toys and stuff for school and she responded with a simple wait until your daddy sends in the child support this month. For some odd reason I was ashamed of my gold chains and luxury lifestyle at the moment. Even bough I'm humble as can be I wanted to approach this woman in a way that not even her would understand. I'm not cocky or didn't want her thinking so with all this flashing jewelry and my designer slacks or button up shirt or tie. Her children sat on the floor since our church is so packed. They for some reason stated at me through the corner of their eyes. I noticed all 3 young boys looked like their mom. Beautiful white complected with long hair that fell to the back of her slim thick waste I wanted her for me and nobody else for
Some reason my stomach turned. I felt as church was on like a p**** because I should have gotten up and let her take my seat but her kids couldn't just sit there right? So she looked my way in a very very shy way. But her smile gave that sign. After mass was over I couldn't help it anymore something about this beautiful woman intrigued me I had to approach. So I did. Elsorry to bother you but I was wondering if you'd go out to eat with me? She said you do realize we're in church and I have 3 kids. I looked down to their kids as my heart accelerated and agreed to it. Let me help you I said let me show you different things take you to places. Give you a life. A world. Words just came out of my mouth like a anxious man that I couldn't even understand. We switched numbers went to dinner that same night but with her kids around. I was intrigued by the way they behaved such quiet and well behaved kids. The whole night I smiled like a weirdo but had the most down to earth conversation with this woman. Everywhere we went after dinner we got looks from people saying such a cute family or well behaved boys. Inside I smiled like a j*** because I took pride in those words. Family is what I want with this woman. I'm willing to accept the whole package. She told me a bit about herself and was beaten by her ex raped slapped cursed hurt. I couldn't take her pain so I just hugged her. I never felt such a strong connection with anyone like this in one day. I told this woman I wanted to keep seeing her and help her she was living in a 1bedroom where danger was around her kids not a good neighborhood I offered to let me help as in I'll get you a better apartment pay your rent I want to help you with good intentions I didn't want anything in return but her conversations with me and company. I wanted to be with this woman. After convincing her she agreed. So I did I got her abetted apartment helped her move and it felt like my family like I've been with this woman and had these kids with her? I told her to let me take care of her and prove her wrong with time that just because I have money I'm not trying to buy her I just want to help her and appreciate her as a woman and be with her. Am I crazy for doing all of this for one woman whom I just came across in mass. Or was it just something that was meant to be with such a strong connection. And there she is I gave her money and told her take it it's for your kids in what ever you need I want to be your good. She smiled and accepted my help but in a slow voice with a sexy tone added thank you gentleman idk why you do this but if you want in let's take things slow as she moved in for such a passionate kiss that gave me tingles everywhere. I've never felt this way before and since these past few days we have contact and have a dinner date this weekend I'm nervous but I'm excited. This woman makes me feel wonderful. I see myself with her I want to give her a place in my life and I'm prepared for what life has to offer. I could care less about the whole lecture of morals my family tends to carry "she has kids" "she's a different class" or she's a single mother! It's my life and this woman is wonderful

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  • You are a good man. I hope it works out for you. Don't put her on a pedestal, though. She sounds lovely... but she's only human. Keep us posted how it is going! ❤️

  • Give s**

  • She's just using you man, plus she's had 3 kids ... How desperate are you ?

  • Somehow, the credibility of this post took a major hit when mom began explaining the intricacies of our welfare system to the kids in church...

  • Damn.....

  • Have y'all fucjed ?

  • My friend you can't always
    Protect woman
    Woman protect herself

  • Make her give you head for rent money LOL

  • Don't let people bring you down seems so much ANGER for someone who had it easy growing up!!!!!!! It's not your fault !!!!!!!!!!!!! My father had stocks and money before he passed from a heart attack in his drawer he left my family a blue print from a house he was planning to build us after his death we got it built months after his funeral a few weeks after that we moved in and I cannot tell you how many people would talk down on our 350,000 built from scratch home. It wasn't our fault but we lost a ton of contacts with people and until this day they hate for no reason it's just s big house no big deal any one can have it most are just ignorant and are cheap and scared to take a big payment in their amount because of ignorance and hate don't let these f*** heads get to you bro do your thing internet is opened why wouldn't a business wealthy business guy not find a site by googling up confession sites oh look a site called confession post let's post my story. Oh wait there's ignorant p***** on here who just love to hate with full arrogance if you want something f****** go get it if this dude wants to be a sugar daddy hero or what ever the f*** let him live his life

  • 24 years old and already have a self company? Your not the only one kiddo I know a few heads like you. it's not
    Your fault that you latched on to your fathers business side. Your a good man from what I read go for it bud but take
    Things slow woman can be a drug or a toy but don't play with her she has a package 3kids is a lot to take care of but if your willing and have good intentions nobody can stop you best of luck

  • U kno nothing about her is she shaved can she suck do she tak it n the ass

  • I know things about her like anyone else would go out to a first or second date. I'm not worried about sexual intercourse or desire. We are not all the same my friend.

  • ^She can't be any dumber than you...

  • Amen

  • So you stated that this meeting took place this past Sunday? You expect us to believe that within a few days you found her a new apartment and helped her move in? Sounds to me like you made up a story to receive compliments on being the good guy. Gold chain wearing 24 year old CEO??!! Haha Ha! Give me a break!

  • I'm 24 years young. Went to college at 17 graduated high school at a early age. I come I come From a wealthy family. My father is a owner of a refinery in the heart of Texas. My mother is and was a stay at home mother. I went to school in UT and studied there. Attended UH for 2 years. I began working with my father at 18. At 24 I started my own electrical company, and have people working for me in refineries. I do not have to get attention from anyone. I'm just telling people my story. Money means nothing and neither does wealth. I guess I'm a person who seeks attention because I was a lucky guy and was raised good economically got a chance to study meet my fathers most powerful business men and latch on to it. I make 6 figures monthly. I still work with my father and have my own company. I'm humble. Don't judge if you
    Don't know.

  • 6 figures a month and humble just chilling on an anonymous confession site? Yea? Hmm. Like the other person said about getting her apt in few days. you jus find her apt and she has no lease to finish to move? yea right!

  • She ended her lease which was a amount that was paid so no charges would affect her credit. In Houston there's tons of apartments that stay empty plus it's always easy when you network. 6figures a month and a confession site has nothing to do with eachother?? Being humble is how I was raised and it will be until the day I'm no longer here. Seems like people will hate from the back of a screen because someone is and will be successful. But guess what everything I have to me it's temporary I can't be the fanciest cars and the most luxury in the world from fine in at 5star and the day of tomorrow I can loose it all. Material things are temporary. Nothing is promised.

  • I think it's fine and kind to help people in need. As long as you do so without there being a hidden agenda that you want something in return. And you may want to consider an agreement with her that if things don't work out with you two romantically, that the money train may or may not continue. You put her in an apartment, is she able to pay rent and all her bills if you are not around? Make sure you are with her for the right reasons and make sure she's with you for the right reasons as well. Don't be helping her out because you want to be some hero to her and her kids. You also may want to make sure where the father stands in this relationship or other men. Whatever you do, go in with mind and eyes fully open and aware and take it slow. This relationship does not just involve her, it involves 3 kids.

  • I'm totally aware of her and her 3 kids. I'm for it. We talked and I clearly stated I wanted to be with her. Magically things can change and I accept that but even if we do or don't workout I will help her on anything she needs. With no strings attached. I'm not trying to be a super hero I'm trying to help but also have a emotional attatchment with this woman.

  • Fool

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