Last night I went out to a local bar for my friends 40th birthday, We got a bit carried away and by midnight I was feeling pretty drunk, I know its no excuse and I am not trying to make any but it is a fact, There were three young guys hitting on us and buying us drinks all night and around midnight when my friend got up to go to the bathroom the guy sitting beside me put his hand on my leg, My husband knows full well that I am and always have been flirty ad he is ok with it, He has even made comments about guys checking me out from time to time and how it turns him on to know other guys want me, I was wearing a fairly short skirt with "thigh high stockings", I didn't take his hand off my leg and I felt his fingers brush the top of my nylons, He looked at me and I looked at him, He smiled, Raised his eye brows and said "Those are hot".
Poor guy had ZERO game aside from the fact that he was in his early 20's and looked like some sort of underwear model, I'm not crazy and I know that he had no intention of doing anything more than maybe trying to "Hook up" with me but I have to admit that I was enjoying the attention, My friend came back and I brushed his hand away, Every time she looked the other way or left the table he made a move to rub my leg or touch my knee.
About 12:30 am my friend was pretty wasted and I decided it was time to take her home, I told the guys thanks for buying drinks all night and the guy who was hitting on me asked if we were interested in sharing a cab, We said sure and as it worked out we dropped off my friend first, I walked her to the door and made sure she got in ok and when I got back into the cab I sat in the back on the opposite side from him, Within a lock or two he had worked his way over beside me, We dropped of his friend who had come with us and that left just the two of us alone, sitting side by side in the cab with me right behind the driver and him right beside me, I was a bit nervous and he was doing his best to try and cop a feel, I flashed him my wedding ring and he said "Obviously I noticed it all night", I was ok with him touching my leg and was even ok with the fact that he wasn't very sneaky about trying to look down my shirt every chance he got but he was not making any attempt to hide the fact that he was trying to get me to come home with him, His stop was next and when we got there he asked me to come in for a "Night cap", not sure why but I agreed, we went in and he poured me a drink, We sat and talked for a bit then he leaned in and tried to kiss me, He was very persistent and I finally gave in letting him kiss me, In typical 20 year old fashion he was WAAAAYYY to eager and had his hands all over me, I let him touch me a bit but then he slid his hand in my top and squeezed my b***, I pulled his hand out and said "Ok Mr. busy hands, Relax", he stood up in front of me, Dropped his pants and I froze, I looked away and said "WHOOOOAAA, Um...Ok, not happening", He looked down at me and said "You sure?", I will admit I looked at his p**** and I did pause but I said "Yeah, I'm sure", to say the least he is IMPRESSIVE, Easily the biggest I have ever seen in real life and I don't think my husband was ever that hard, Not even in his 20's, He was easily the longest AND the thickest I have ever been that close to, he stepped closer and was sticking it in my face, I was only about 6 inches from it, He reached down and took my hand and I don't know why but I knew exactly what he was doing and didn't stop him, he took my hand and wrapped it around his p****, I looked up at him, I squeezed it and couldn't even bring my fingers together around it, He put his hand on the back of my head and tried to push it toward me but I pushed him back, I stroked it twice and he already had c** dripping from the huge, purple k***, I wiped it with my hand and stroked it a couple more times and each time a few drops of c** would squeeze out.
I snapped back to reality after about a minute, By this time my hand was slippery with c**, He had my top undone and pulled off my shoulders, My bra undone and my b**** out, he was squeezing them, I leaned back and let go of him, I fixed my shirt and bra and stood up, I asked him to call me a cab and he did after a little bit of protesting, I waited by the door and he kept trying to grope me the whole time with his p**** still out, Finally the cab showed up and I said goodbye, Kissed him and gave his p**** one last stroke.
I know it was wrong and I should but I cant tell my husband.

Sep 9, 2016

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  • W h o r e. You are a leach, a soul-sucking vampire draining the life from the man that has committed his life to caring for you.

  • F*** ur husband lok aftr ur p****

  • Tell him! He will love it.

  • Should've went all the way with an opprotunity like that.

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