Doggy Question

I am a married woman 30 years old and have got a big black male labrador which when we are playing when my husband's out tries to sniff between my legs and also tries to mount, lots of times I see his actual D*** sticking out of his "sheath" has any other women actually let their dog f*** them? I know this is wrong but it's turning me on

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  • My dog and I are very experienced we have been doing it for two years now and both love it, I particularly like it when he takes me doggy style and after he knots turn's around so we are bum to bum and really stuck hard unable to release we can be like that for an hour , mostly that happens when he has been denied for a week and has a massive load, all the best hope you and Bruce keep it up and enjoy it

  • Just do it for f*** sake

  • Soooo hot to hear women being f***** by dogs! I almost want to get a dog just to f*** my wife and cuckold me.

  • I f*** my batch German shepard and love it

  • I was just like you a few years ago with the family dog, he was very friendly towards me when no other family members were around. Always sticking his nose between my legs until one day i just let him lick my pussie, i just sat back on the chair with my legs wide open and let him do it. I had 3 or 4 o*****'s that day and i new it wasn't going to be the last time I let him lick my pussie. For a few months it was a couple of times a week when I was all alone, which was really nice. Then one day I was getting out of the shower when he wandered into the bathroom, he tried to mount me from behind so I just bent over the bathtub and let him mount me. I felt him inside me and he was going like h*** for a few minutes, then I felt him jerking as he came deep inside me. Its not for everyone, but I say if your fantasizing about it then just try it just once. Its amazing really??

  • After yesterday letting Bruce my Labrador lick my f**** today after I made sure nobody came took off my skirt and knickers lay on the floor messing with Bruce he was licking deep in my F**** I was working his D*** out of his sheath it is very pink and bulges as he got more excited but although I went in the doggy style he was prancing around mounting me I could feel him prodding but he never actually "connected" it took a few times but eventually Wow there is nothing loving he was pounding eventually I could feel it grow inside me until I was really stretched with him getting off but staying bottom to bottom until he actually shrank with his D*** falling out I could feel his "s****" running down my legs I don't think this will be the last time because also I was really really orgasming I just hope my husband doesn't realise

  • I'd love to watch that sounds really sexy

  • Did you f*** just the once? X

  • Good to hear you got a f****** from your dog. Did he manage to tie with you? Get his knot in you and swell up?
    Are you a member of any beast forums?

  • Just taken my knickers off this afternoon before husband and kids came home and let Bruce have a lick it seemed very funny with all that fur but that tongue is something else because I started to o***** more or less straight away or old was prancing about but nothing else in case somebody comes

  • Nice. Tomorrow shave if you're not then spread you legs wide and let him go to town. You could also lie on the couch with you butt hanging off it and have him come up between your legs and guide his c*** into you.

  • A dogs tongue is tough and is Devine. Their tongue can reach deep inside and also from c*** to ass hole

  • What you are seeing is just the tip of his d***. The rest will come out if you give him a rib. It will seem thin and short at first but he will grow to something bigger than most men. They have a bone in their p**** and as they get h**** the start spraying lots of pre c** everywhere. Try a little oral. Let it dribble out of your mouth and down your chest and rub it in.
    A dogs body temp is a few degrees hotter than a mans so you'll feel his c** hot in your mouth, p**** or ass

  • Thanks for the advice it sounds as though you do it! I am sitting here actually looking at Bruce telling him he can tomorrow when everybody's out actually but I am getting butterflies but my mind is made up thanks

  • Tell me how it goes please ;)

  • He will probably hop on and off a lot but be patient. Doggy style is the best position. Let's you reach back and guide him in x

  • Yes lots of women world wide do it. Google has lots of pics and forums.
    Hot as h***. If you try to let your dog mount you just be warned he will try to get his knot in your p****. It will inflate to the size of a grape fruit and you can stay tied for up to an hour. S** is fast and primal. Put towels down as there's lots of c**.
    Let me know how it goes x

  • Did you do it ? did you enjoy it. ooohh I feel so h****. ya really turn me on

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