He doesn't know what he's doing.

I love my husband to death don't get me wrong but from the moment I've met him he has not know how to pleasure a woman. 1. He tries to stimulate my vaginal opening as if it were the c*******. 2. He thinks oral s** goes something like how a cat grooms itself 3. He goes in dry, and things because it's hard to go in that I'm just being shy (he's literally told me several times that I don't need to be shy when he can't get it in and I'm dry) 4. He tries playing with my nipple the same way you'd try scratch a lotto ticket.
I've tried explaining things to him but he doesn't understand me most of the time (lack of English). I'm f*****....

Jun 1, 2016

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  • You don't quite understand the fundamental here regarding sexual relations. You're forcing this to appear more complex than it is. Look, sexual relations exist due to the biological & stressful requirement of a Man needing to release his s**** within a v*****. Nevermind all the details & technical rhetoric with indication of your introitus & vestibule. Another fundamental constant is f******* girl. It's nearly incomprehensible how as a dame you could be married, yet not even refer to this basic craving every woman has. Nature created you to perform this ; triggering your glands of Bartholin. It's just natural. No language or foolish videos required & no issue. Your v***** will be lubricated for direct penetration by his P****. You needed education is all. This approach should have you on your way. Start sucking his P****!!

  • They have tutorial videos you can watch that show how to do things better in the bedroom.

  • Yes, you're f*****, but not well enough it seems. ;)
    1. What do you mean by "lack of English"? How do you guys usually communicate?
    2. If he doesn't understand when you explain it with words then just take another woman into bed with you and show him.
    Good luck! :)

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