I think my P.E. teacher likes me!

Do you think my P.E. teacher likes me? He is in his early thirties. If anyone could reply it would be more then helpful. My P.E. teacher is super sweet twards me. He often lets me skip out on P.E. to sit and talk with him. He has also called me beautiful on several occations. He always tries to make up reasons to talk to me. I am the captin of cheerleading squad and, he has expressed how he thinks cheerleaders are hot many times to me. I am currently dating the quarterback and, scince hes the coach im not sure if he is being kind to me out of favoritism or, if he actually likes me. We also flirt a lot and, he constantly tries to get close to me.

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  • I say he dose and you should make the first move as he's your teacher

  • No. He does not like you.

  • I don't know if this is real or not, but I think that it's dodgy and he'll end up in jail. Still talk to him, but make it obvious that nothing is happening between you and him because he obviously likes you in a sexual way

  • Oh yea he would totally like you if this wasn't some made up bullshit cliche captain of the cheer squad dating the quarter back come on sweetie you could at least be a bit more original

  • The repetition of this thread is getting tiresome.

  • The P.E. teacher doesn't seem too bright. He'll be out of a job and in jail soon because he's flirting with the whole team. She's not that special. She should go for her English teacher. She could benefit from him in more ways than one.

  • Yeah he likes you but it's most likely a sexual attraction and not a good idea. If he does anything you should tell someone because it could get dangerous. Stay safe

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