I want to be creamed in

By another man
To be pounded
And to pound

Creaming in eachother

But I'm not gay

Sep 11, 2016

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  • I want to be owned by a black man and used as his c** dump and made to j******* and eat my own c** while he tells me what a sissy b**** i am

  • No ,,when the blacks take over the world they wont castrate all the white males,,They will want to torture us and will by cutting our c**** off.Then you will always be h**** and it will keep on buiding and building but the white males wont have a p**** so they wont be able to get off and we will go crazy and probably die of prostrate cancer before we go totally crazy and kill ourselves

  • Trust me,,when the whites are all turned into slaves owned by black men we wont be j********** ,ever.If they dont have every white male locked in a chastity belt they will have us all castrated

  • Sorry your gay

  • What would make u gay

  • Yer Dad

  • Hahaha ur not gay haha

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