Wife's dad.

Up front English not my first language. My wife is 35 and I'm 60. Her dad is also 60. He's coming for a vacation for a week or so. His 2nd wife away a couple months ago. I guess he's coming down to recover. My Wife Jan tell me then she was growing up that he would wait shorts and accidentally like expose his d***. She said it was about twice the size of mine which is only about 6 inches long. That didn't exactly make me feel to good but do with what you got. No long after he got here he was sitting in the recliner facing the couch and sure enough he was up to his old tricks. He tried not to let me see what he was doing, but I got a good look at his monsters d***. now I am straight but I my d*** got a little hard. I called Jan in the kitchen and told her let's turn the tables on him. Go to the bathroom and take off your panties and sit on the couch and make it look like it's an accident and see in your p****. Jan is a good sport and OK for most thingsJan is a good sport and OK for most things. As she was sitting there her dad Jack started to squirm a little because he was getting a good look at his daughters p**** for the first time. I'm sitting there getting excited and can see he's getting a h****** that hard to hid. I whisper in her ear to spread her legs more and she does just that. He now realizes that it is no longer a accident and says to me do I know what's going on. I said yes and why not take out that Monsters c*** so we could all see it. It had to be 11 inches long and biggeMonsters c*** so we could all see it. It had to be 11 inches long and bigger around than my wrist. He now knows all pretenses are off. He gladly whips out that c*** that he so proud of. I would be too. By this time my c*** is harder than its even been. Now comes the moment of truth. He looks at me for the of approval of what is going to do next. I nod yes do it. He walks up to Jan with that thing in his hand and rubs the pre c** on her lips. I almost came in my hand but wanted to whole back. Jan started linking the shaft up and down. He said to stop he did not want to come yet what he wanted to do was to f*****. He said he had fantasize about that from the time she was 12. She laid back on the couch and spread her legs. I still don't believe she could take that big c*** in her tight p****. He gently rub it up and down on her lips and slowly pushed it in. She started to moan so loud I was afraid the neighbors and the next apartment would hear her. I could not believe it he got all 11 inches and my wife and was pumping away. He lasted about 10 minutes and drop a load in her at fill a Quart jar. Now I have never even fal quart jar. Now I have never even thought about sucking a c*** but when he pulled that c*** covered with his c** and my wife p**** juice I could not help myself and I took that thing in my mouth and sucked like no tomorrow. He came again all over my face and in my mouth. Jan took her hand and wiped all.com and stuck it in my mouth. For two months he f*** his daughter and my mouth ones or two time a day till he when home. I ask my wife If I could bring home a good looking guy to f*** her and let me suck his d***. I now know I'm bi. A true story. Tell me if you liked it.

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  • Vewy gewd Engwish.

  • I'm not convinced this story is true. But I like the story. And I'm believe parts of it for sure. I'm convinced that your dickie is half the size of your dad-in-laws.

    I also believe that you fantasize about hung guys taking your wife. And I believe you're bi-sexual. The incest part ... that crosses a major, major barrier just a little too easily... Being a 'good sport' doesn't erase this major taboo.

    Please keep writing and refining your story. Thanks for your work and a good read.

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