Going all the way

I'm 19 and need to know if I should pursue a sexual relationship with an older man. He's in his 50's, not married, and has no kids. Last week we ran into each other in the hallway and one thing let to another and we ended up having s** in his apartment. There's always been moments between us but we've never gone all the way, never wanting to do more than fool around. H***, just last week we went into my apartment and started making out topless and the week before that we were fondling each other in the stairwell . It was amazing and we both want to keep having s**, nothing personal. Should we keep it up? I'm sorry but there is nothing better than having s** on a mattress in the middle of a mans home. And don't get me started about the shower ;)

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  • This is actually written by a pathetic limp d*** guy in his mid 50s....the word "fondle" is a dead give-away.

  • I'm the woman who wrote it and I wanted to use the word fondle. So you can go f*** yourself. :P

  • I to have been having s** with a fellow on the same floor in our apartment building. It all started one day we were both in the elevator and it stopped and the older lady got off the doors closed and he took hold of me held me tight against him and gave me one h*** of a kiss right on my lips, then he told me he's been watching me ever since I moved in and he just had to taste me and he gave me another kiss but his hands slid to my ass and he pulled me tight against him and I could feel his hard c*** being pressed tight against me and he got to me. We began making out and the elevator came to a stop and we quit but I was so turned on by this much older man I leaned against him the rest of the way down to the lobby. We stayed in the elevator and returned to our floor the 17th and we kissed when we could and he followed me to my apartment and pressed me against the door and gave me one h*** of a kiss as his hands cupped my b****** the door opened and we fell onto the floor and he took me right then and there barely getting the door closed behind us. God did he please me so making me c** on him over and over as he f***** me like a wild animal and we have s** at least three times a week usually in my apartment once in the elevator between floors when he stopped it from going anywhere.

  • Wow. What's the best place you guys have done it in the apartment?

  • That sounds hot. I would keep having s** with him. ;)

  • I want to know about the shower ;)

  • Wet s** is the hottest when your bodies press against each other. Care for details? ;)

  • Yes

  • As much and more you can provide

  • Well the shower was steamy. He gave me a full body massage and strangled the life out of my b******. The whole time I was stroking him. He then pressed me against the glass and and took me from behind. We got on the shower floor and he went a little more rough. We then got out off the shower and proceeded to continue on the wood floor under a window.

  • We were both soaked but it made it more fun as I rode him and he continued to squeeze my b******. He then threw me under him and went in hard.

  • He sounds like a beast. If I were you I wouldn't think twice about it.

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