Upset at Friend who is Staying with Me

A friend of mine from high school (she's 38) recently moved back into town, and I have let her stay with me until she gets a job and her own place. We've been friends for years, though we haven't seen a lot of each other until recently.

The problem that I'm having with my friend is that she dresses inappropriately around the house. I have a husband and a 18 year old son as well, so this bothers me. She wears shorts that nearly go up her rear, and tank tops that show her bra straps. She also likes to sunbathe out on the deck in a bikini, and doesn't have a problem if my son is around when doing so. In fact, they like to sit out together and surf facebook and stuff.

The last straw was this weekend when I was doing laundry and noticed some white stains on some of her underwear in the hamper. Someone in the house is relieving himself on her clothes. I talked to my husband about this, but he told me to relax and chill out, that it is no big deal.

I might be irrational, but I'm livid that my friend is dressing in a way that makes me think that the guys in the house are getting randy. I'm about ready to throw her ass out, but I don't want to ruin our friendship. I'm just p*****, I guess.

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  • Yes your friend is aware of her clothing choices, and the interest they can and are garnishing from your husband and son. She also likes it. I don't know that she's acted on it, but she likes it. That's why she keeps doing it.

    It's risky bringing another woman in around your husband. I think perhaps your friend needs to find alternate arrangements.

    It's also risky around your son...I am not even sure which one is the bigger risk to be honest. Keep your eyes peeled!!!

    With regards to the stains, I am not totally sold that it was male c**. Could be her own fluids. Why are you doing her laundry?????

  • Those stains came from your son. She took his virginity.

  • I do not blame you for being p*****! Your friend is deliberately trying to turn on the men in your house. Now you see she has because some guy has been masturbating on her clothes! She's inviting this drama, and really should have more respect for you! Damn, your letting her stay at your place and this is how she acts??

  • If she's 38 and dressing like that, tanning in her bikini, around the guys, trust me.. She knows what she's doing, especially with the 18 year old. She loves the attention and being a ck tease. As long as your males aren't fking her, let it go...The guys like having her around, and she's eating it up.

    Several years ago, my now ex-wife's sister in law, a fit-bodied, wow hot of a woman, stayed with us while having problems with her husband (my ex's brother). I work at home when not on the road, and, yeah..Loved when she'd parade around the house in tiny shorts and half-shirt, her white bikini, or stay in a towel after her shower. We were mostly home together, alone, when she'd do this, but a few times, Sexy Laura would lay out to tan on weekends when all 3 of us were home, and my ex would say things to me like...Sure, you look at HER and not me..Or..She better go home soon..

  • Is it possible you might be getting just a touch jealous because you're used to being the only girl in a house full of men? The white stains are probably your son. He's 18, he would have s** with a hole in the ground if it would let him. Don't ruin your friendship over this.

  • Go the other way and insist she is nude.

  • If she wants to stay in your house she should be required to wear a burka and even then your husband and son should avert their eyes when she is near by. I can't believe she had bra straps showing??! I'm a guy and just the mention of bra straps has got me so hard I'm about to burst on my keyboard writing this!!!!

  • Hahahahhahaha I am at work right now and my Polk-a-dot bra strap shows a little...

  • Mmmmmmmmmm! S*** girl!!!! You just made me blooooow my wad!

  • Tell her to wear an ankle length dress

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