I enjoy my work

Hey, so im 22yo female with two kids under 5 and roughly for the last 6months i have been working as an escort, its shamfull i know but at times i really enjoy it, 5 or 6 times a week i meet up with married men, older men, profession bussiness men, single young men, and have s** with them, since doing this my s** life has never been so active, i play it safe and always insist on condoms except for a few of my regulars now who pay extra and i let them do such acts on me like creampies, i have had a fair share of bussness men now who have paid for me in pairs and even once, with three and myself at the same time,experancing the "airtight" experance! i have also attended 3 high class orgys now and they were all amazing! i earn now more than enoigh to provide for my kids and love my work

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  • If you are having fun and staying safe, then why not enjoy the experience (and the money). Only you know your situation and no one else can judge you.

  • Which of all your experances so far has been your most enjoyable? have you genually c** hard eith a client?

  • Oh there is so many... but to name a few top contenders on my list,
    1) the three suits and me in country hotel, me and three HOT older men! they paid for 6 hours and i was there 7,
    2) the second orgy i attended where it was a no holes barred event and is was very intence
    3) a joint effort between me and another escort taking on two of my regulars as once again we both trusted them and it was a all nigher when it wasnt ment to be


  • The 2nd you spoke of? how much of an orgy was it and how many people attended? also what do you mean by no holes barred?

  • It was an orgy for swinger couples and i was hired to even the ratio so there was not so few women, there was several couples and 5 escorts in clusing myself and over twenty different men, when i say bo hole barred i mean just that! everyhole was covered and filled, it also ended with a hugh bukkake, very messy and very hot

  • Whats the most sorid dirtyest thing youve done so far?

  • That would be telling xx

  • Thats why i am asking? would love details?

  • Have my face covered in a bukkake! about 10 loads on my face

  • Whats the most men yiuve had in one sitting?

  • The most on my own was three, me and three suits on a monday afternoon, in a posh country estate hotel, very enjoyable

  • All holes f*****? where did they c**?

  • Because they paid a large amount extra they came in all of my holes bareback!

  • Were you based, I love whores

  • Im based in south east england, im not looking for work on here, but im sure you will know where to look to find me, if you truely do love "whores"

  • I'm in the midland, once a week I f*** a whole. I have three I really like, there is a black bust woman, a chubby young white girl and a transsexual who is very good

  • Use condom every time b careful

  • I know i should do but iv got to know some my regulars and i trust them, tbh its no diffrent then having a f*** buddy! but i always have any other client rubber up xxxx

  • My black woman lets me do bare back, I pull out and cover her belly with s****

  • Only a select few i allow to c** inside me

  • I have known. Her from school and we trust each other

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