Hillary and MS

Today a PHD called in to a radio call-in show and stated Hillary's collapse when getting heated while being dehydrated is a symptom of MS. He said seizures and fainting will occur, with MS, when the body's temperature raises as little as a half degree.

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  • I have MS. Yes heat can exasperate symptoms, but it's highly unlikely she has this disease. It would be incredibly rare for the onset to begin at her age. Just saying.

  • She died from it two years ago this Month.

  • I had a sister-in-law contract MS when she was 68 or 69.

  • There has been talk about the possibility she had it for years, but it has been hidden. What it the age ceiling for contracting MS?

  • It's called trying to get out of trouble. Lying witch.

  • How's your manbaby orange IMPEACHED narcissist of an overlord doing? Still running crying to Twitter and throwing around nasty names every time someone doesn't kiss his butt?

  • My intellect tells me his choice of Twitter is fueled by (as he says) the Fake Media. Few will argue that.

  • Even fewer will argue that he is unfit, at least those with open eyes and basic brain functioning

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