I have never wanted to cheat on my wife until now.

I am married with a child. I have never wanted to jeopardize my marriage until now. There is a woman who I think is beautiful. I had no thoughts of even talking to her but she started flirting with me. Now I see her everyday and can't get her out of my mind. I don't think I could stop myself if a situation arose that would let it progress farther. I am a horrible human.

Sep 14, 2016

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  • Discuss having a threesome to your wife and see if you both can come to, some sort of arrangement/compromise. If you f*** this woman, maybe your wife join in. If your wife doesn't like this idea, you could suggest to your wife, if she's interested in f****** another man. If yes, it's a win win situation. You'd both be equal! However, you know your wife I assume, better than anyone else. How would she react to this?

  • She will eventually switch off you. Maybe if she fears you will leave it will keep her on her toes.

  • What if she is. It's not all about the man! Maybe his wife is sick of, the same boring old c***, she's endured the past few years! Just because she isn't the OP confessing about wanting to cheat doesn't mean,
    she's not thinking similar thoughts, as her husband! In a relationship, it's takes all parties, to keep the spark going! Don't be a walking chauvinist p****!!

  • Cheating is so thrilling. There's not a single good reason to NOT have an affair with this woman. Tell her you're interested. Say, "I've got you in my head, now I want to get you in my bed." I think you already know you're going to begin a relationship with this woman, and you're just waiting for permission. Stop waiting. Start f******.

  • Speak for yourself, everyone is different and have different perspectives, in regards to cheating! You may find it thrilling at the thought of it, aswell as, actually cheating. But not everyone will!!

  • S** is for fun. Enjoy it. Enjoy her.

  • But cheating isn't fun, fool!!!

  • Man i'm with, it's f****** hard when you are surrounded with all these hot women. but if you love your wife and kids then don't do it. imagine the mess and pain you will cause bcoz you want to try different food. i work in a place where i'm surrounded with so many p****** available for the picking. and I even live with the hottest sis in law in the whole f****** world, virgin too! when i married my wife, i moved in with her family, sis in law was 14 and hot like the open oven. and now she's 24 and never ever had a boyfriend until 2 months ago (her bf is the luckiest motherfcker alive today). so picture this man, i live with her 24/7, all i wanted to do is eat her p**** and f*** her brains out for the last 10 years but i can't and i won't, because i know i will open the gate of h*** and swallow me alive if i ever get caught. my secret is just love my wife and my kids as much as I can. think of the good stuff. it probably helps that i don't have to gutts to even try and I have a feeling that she thinks i'm creepy which is a good thing because if she ever showed any interest then f*** all! The problem is the "stimulus" man, before you met this woman, everything is fine, so the solution is the get rid of the "stimulus" or learn to live with it. f****** spill clinton below is spot on, but use your bigger head and your heart man. don't get me wrong, it's going to be good, hot as h*** f****** this woman of yours but it only last for a while but when you get caught, you'll regret it forever. if something happened and you continue to see her, then that's even worst. you know what i do, i go see hookers once in a while if i wanna taste other p****** man. tap and go bro!

  • Oh man, she is flirting back.

    I wish you the best, but there is no easy remedy for ready girl parts. Ever. You are not a horrible human, but perhaps just human.

  • One thing you have to understand is that nobody is perfect .. society & religion expects the marital group to be 100% flawless & thats not realistic .. were humans for crying out loud & out of a billion connections it's hard to believe that were only limited to just one .. so have fun because life is short just don't get youself caught ..

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