Wife FINALLY gave in.

Basically since I met my wife I have tried to get her to step outside of her box sexually, Admittedly when I met her she was...a party girl, She was in college and partied more nights than not, Just attended class enough to pass and had no shortage of guys chasing her.
I know she has had a fair bit of experience sexually and I am fine with that, Doesn't bother me how many guys she banged, 18 guys and 1 girls is what she told me, 2 guys before college, 16 guys and 2 girls in three years of college (She was 21 when she went to college.
She made it VERY clear that the girl thing was a phase that would NEVER happen again and to be honest it is not something I have ever pushed HOWEVER!!!!!, She did try a*** one time at 19 years old, the experience didn't go well apparently and she has been against it every since, She has on occasion let me lick her ass in the shower and she says she does enjoy it but its not something she wants to do very often (once or twice a year).
A few nights ago we were sitting on the couch and she asked what I wanted for my birthday since yesterday was my 40th, I told her I didn't want a party or for her to spend any money on me, She looked at me disappointed and said "Its your 40th, I have to do something", I told her "Do something special in the bedroom" and left it at that, After a bit of complaining about my one track mind the subject was dropped.
Yesterday we talked while I was at work and she asked what kind of things I was hoping for and I told her "Surprise me, You know what I like", I got home from work and had supper, Cake, Opened presents from the kids and put them to bed, We sat on the couch watching tv and after a bit she got up and disappeared, She returned wearing lingerie and sat down beside me but kept a blanket close by incase the kids woke up, She asked me to close the blinds and I did, When I sat down she fished out my d*** and gave me half a handjob on the couch then leaned over and whispered in my ear "Take me to bed and f*** me" which was hot and definitely out of character for her to talk dirty.
We went to the bedroom and started having s**, About 10 minutes in she handed me a small tube of lube, I could tell she was nervous and I looked at her puzzled not actually knowing what she wanted me to do with it, She said "This is a one time thing but be F****** gentle", I know I am among the biggest she has had and the one guy she let do it was the smallest she ever had, She rolled over and stuck her bum in the air, I licked it and rubbed her c*** for a bit and when I thought she was h**** enough I lubed her up.
We tried in a few different positions and finally with her on her back, Legs spread and working her c*** with her vibrator I pressed my k*** against her a****** and applied some pressure, I started pinching and pulling her nipples which is always a favorite of hers and slowly I was able to press forward and slide my k*** into her ass, She winced and tensed up a bit but when I stopped pushing she relaxed, I gently pushed back and forth adding lube as needed and soon had my c*** halfway in her ass.
After about 5 minutes of going slow and gentle I was able to get a slow, Steady rhythm going and she seemed to be enjoying it, She was so tight and this had been built up in my mind for so long that I only lasted about 5 more minutes and came hard, I kept going until I was limp and pulled out, She took me to the shower and after an intense scrubbing handjob I got hard again and she said "Ok, Now one for me", She spread her legs and I slid it in her p**** and f***** her until she came and I came again shortly after.
We laid in bed kissing and petting each other after and she told me "I was serious about that being a one time thing, Don't even ask for it", I asked if she at least enjoyed it and she said "Um...That was totally for you, I'm happy I did it, leave it at that".
She gave me head this morning after the kids left for school and before I left for work.

Sep 16, 2016

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  • You guys are crazy! How old are you, like 12?!! Doing it in the ass is one of the most erotic & best feelings all around. It bonds a couple. For a girl to have a vibrater on her c*** and a hard but slow stroking c*** in her ass is absolute heaven. It will drive you from one o***** to another. Have your husband work you out a lil bit back there, and loosen it up. That d*** will never have felt better, ever. Makes your p**** ache like you've never felt it ache.

  • Sounds like a very loving wife. Not sure why others commenting here are under the delusion that a*** s** is for gay guys. My wife loves a*** and gets off on being pounded hard in the ass.

  • So, she's a loving wife, because she took it up the ass?!! Man, what has this world come to!!!

  • Dont get to close to the s****

  • Shes a good lady but insist on ass as part of relationship tel her if she dont othr girl wil

  • That's a gay mans dream if I ever saw one.

  • Your wife married a looser.

  • If a man ever wanted a*** with me, I would tell him to find a man, they have the same thing back there as women do.

  • A*** love is a gay thing. Sorry but it is a fact. You need to come out of the closet and be honest with your wife. Most gays marry to cover their inner feelings.

  • Lol A*** isn't solely for gay people.Some women like their back door being banged!! Whether it's by another woman with a strap-on, a d****, by self pleasuring or/and by a real d***.Regardless, some women like it and not all gay men, do a*** man!!! It's an individual preference, regardless of what a person's sexuality is :)
    Come on man, stop being ignorant and stupid!!

  • Listen here jack ass you do realize some girls are into it too right like it's not just a gay thing

  • How did you get so educated in this area? Are you one too?

  • Yes im a f*****

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