I tried to seduce my sister

When I was 21 and my sister was 24 we used to share a bed (I know its not common for 21 and 24 y.o brother sister but we did). I used to watch too much p*** and read s** stories. I started reading incest stories and it changed the way I thought about my sister. I started to see her like other girls and I wanted to have s** with her. I tried to seduce her by showing her my bulge though the pants and by playing with my d*** when she was around. I used to rub myself with her back and then pretend like it was an accident. I started touching her while she slept. I started by creasing her t*** and her ass. Within a couple of days I grew bolder and bolder and one night I put my hand inside her shirt and pressed her b**** I played with her erect nipples (over the bra) she was awake but she kept her eyes closed. Her facial expression showed that she was annoyed but she did not open her eyes. She took my hand out of her shirt and turned her back towards me. I started rubbing her p**** and surprisingly she was wet . I took out my d*** and started rubbing on her p**** (through her trousers) but she pushed me away. Then I went to bathroom, jerked off and felt asleep. She told it to mom and then mom separated our beds.

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  • At first I used to hate my sis but now I don't because one day I watched p*** v and got too h**** and I was about to j******* then I saw her damn she was so hot my perception for her changed since that day upto now I'm thinking on how to approach her and have s** u know sometimes I feel like tearing her clothes off and rape her u know f*** her hard till she submits to ur will then I hold myself back thinking that if she doesn't then what ?? somehow I manage to stop myself but everyday it gets hard for me to hold myself back everyday I feel like to go to her take off my cloth and f*** everyday my c*** ask me to go to and taste her sweet p**** but I hold myself back because I'm afraid of going near her so guys if u have any suggestions for me on how to make her get laid with me then pls pls pls share it with because it is getting harder and harder for me to contrl my virgin d*** it needs p**** so pls pls share ur secrets with me thank u

  • I fuvk my sister since we was 12
    We had over 200s time A***

  • Give me some tips to F*** my sis bro

  • Idk but my sister is the best

    One afternoon we were sleeping and i saw her t** over her shoulder peeping out. That made my c*** hard. I couldnt hold it so i just poked it on her ass. Firstly she was startled but later she started enjoying it. After that she turned and started jacking me off. And also later that night we went to the terrace and had a good old f***. Since then we have been f****** regularly.

  • My sister and I had adjoining bedrooms. Many nights I would walk into her room while she was sleeping and touch her b******. I finally realized she couldn't possibly be sleeping all that time and progressed to placing my rigid member in her hand. I would close her fist over it. The second or third time I did that, she closed her hand tightly and held onto it. She never opened her eyes, pretending she was sleeping but I never forgot the feeling of her soft hand holding my rod. I think this went on some five years and no one else in the family or elsewhere ever learned of it. I suspected she may have told a neighboring girl but I was never sure.

  • Did a lot of the same things, especially the touching and feeling while my hot older sister slept. Had it down to a science, really. There were times she knew, but mostly, she didn't. We had a shared thing (fetish) for her 2" long, always polished nails, and one night, she fell asleep on the couch, with her hand above her head, hanging over the couch arm.

    I went behind her, pulled my pants down, and slid my ck into her hand and nails so she'd j*** me off. It worked very well. Ended up spewing on the floor and cleaning it up. Didn't think she knew a thing, but, a few nights later, she made a joke about it. Asked "If I fall asleep on the couch again, don't wake me up when you do what you do with me, ok?".

    If she's into it, she'll come around and give it up. Trust me.

  • When you realised she was awake, and she pushed you away then turned towards you you should've just layed her down, gagged her, tied her down and f***** her all night long

    ....I wrote thisd listening to my fav MCR song and now im forever going to associate this with it :(

  • When you realised she was awake, and she pushed you away then turned towards you you should've just layed her down, gagged her, tied her down and f***** her all night long.

    Some A$$ whole has already replied to this comment anyhow.

    I didn't want to rape her but, if she had not stopped me i would have f***** her all night long and then probably c** inside her p**** because I didn't have any condoms and It was too hot that I would have failed to pull out in time.

  • That's hot, you should have went ALL the way

  • I wish I had gone all the way

  • Well your a perverted a****** now aren't you?

  • Yes you should have do her my wifes brother has been f****** for ages

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