I tried to seduce my sister

When I was 21 and my sister was 24 we used to share a bed (I know its not common for 21 and 24 y.o brother sister but we did). I used to watch too much p*** and read s** stories. I started reading incest stories and it changed the way I thought about my sister. I started to see her like other girls and I wanted to have s** with her. I tried to seduce her by showing her my bulge though the pants and by playing with my d*** when she was around. I used to rub myself with her back and then pretend like it was an accident. I started touching her while she slept. I started by creasing her t*** and her ass. Within a couple of days I grew bolder and bolder and one night I put my hand inside her shirt and pressed her b**** I played with her erect nipples (over the bra) she was awake but she kept her eyes closed. Her facial expression showed that she was annoyed but she did not open her eyes. She took my hand out of her shirt and turned her back towards me. I started rubbing her p**** and surprisingly she was wet . I took out my d*** and started rubbing on her p**** (through her trousers) but she pushed me away. Then I went to bathroom, jerked off and felt asleep. She told it to mom and then mom separated our beds.

Sep 16, 2016

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  • I used to touch my little sister when we were both very young. Now she has b**** and I can't think of anything else when I'm around her. I got curious and touched her b**** one night when we slept together. She has great b**** and it felt amazing. She didn't wake up or at least didn't show that she was awake. I touched her all night. The next morning she gave me a big hug and that made me think did she enjoy what I did? So I tried it again next day but she removed my hand and then I thought she didn't want it so I stopped. But I wish she wanted me to touch her.

  • Maa chud gayi🤣🤣🤣

  • 😁😂 le bsdk behanchod

  • I wanted have s** with my little sister she is 15years & I'm 17 but she is don't like these all. I have lot of l*** on my sister i just want to break her virginity. How to tempt her for oral s**! Just give me suggestions

  • Bhosdik mc

  • Spend more time with her

  • Bruh you f***** up

  • I am 13 and I made my 31 year old sister pregnant what should I do?

  • Pervet

  • Lol

  • Good job 👍 keep it up....next make your mom pregnant..

  • At 13, you are too young to legally consent. A 31 year old who has s** with a minor has committed a crime. This is her problem not yours. What should you do? Keep it in your pants until you are at least 18. You may fantasize about your sister's p**** while jerking off. But no more touching.

  • Wtf, have s** with her again

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  • Are you f****** crazy?

  • Why?

  • I want to f*** my brother so bad. He used to touch me when I was younger and I’d pretend not to notice because it was light. He would grab my ass or maybe pretend to fight with me and get on top of me and rub his d*** on my stomach with his pants on and he would get hard. He stopped doing it but the next day I accidentally saw him getting undressed and saw his d*** and I got so wet.! Nowadays I keep having wet dreams and I start masturbating a lot. I’m the shy type so I wouldn’t suddenly approach him and take out his d***. What should I do?

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  • I have a sister who is also shy and she would give me little hints like show me her cleavage and walk out of the shower with her towel right in front of me. She would even bend over to show me her ass and sit with her legs wide open while watching tv. So one day I when she bent over I walked up behind her and pushed my d*** up against her ass and I knew she liked it because she looked at me but didn't move away she stayed there while pushed harder and than my mom walked down so she got back up and went to her room. We didn't speak about this for a few days until our parents went out and we were alone. Once our parents left we starting talking and she told me how she liked my d*** and it got her so wet she had to change her underwear. As we were talking one thing lead to the next and we kissed I put my hand up her top and touched her b**** her nipples were very hard. Than I put my hand down her pants and started rubbing her p**** and slowly I slid my finger inside her and she moaned while finger her p****. I took my cloths off than I took her cloths off and I got on top of her and started rubbing the tip of my d*** on her p**** and she looked at me and said "put it in me" so I slid my d*** in my little sisters p**** and made love to her and finished inside her. I got her plan b in the morning so we could do it again. We started when she was 15 and I was 17. I am now 27 and she is 25. We have been having s** for 10 years. Now everytime we have s** I finish inside her and she takes plan b. Our parents don't know we live together alone because we told them we live in separate cities. My sister has never gotten pregnant which is a good thing for us so we can continue making love to eachother in many ways. I think you should seduce your brother the way my sister did.

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  • Catching him masterbating & say , let me help start with just handjob ,than make plan to masterbating tougher watching p*** and be a tough just orals & than f*****.....Also please tell me how to I seduce my elder sis make her to f*** with me email - raj087753@gmail.com , anybody pls help . I just wanted Oral .

  • Just grab his d***

  • Can i f*** u give me ur number

  • He won't say no

  • F*** him because I have also a sister .....and as abrother.....I know that he will not refuse u for s**

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  • Yeah you will

  • Let's take a oral

  • Go straight and tell your brother that you want s** ,and no brother in this world talks about that matter I swear
    Please don't die with that unfulfilled dream

  • That true!!!....tell him

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  • Let me make your p**** wet

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  • Ummmm so should just go and staring kissing and foreplay and then so go for s**

  • F*** me

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  • I F*** u send your details

  • Wake him up by suckinghis c***

  • Can i come and help you

  • You sleep with your brother

  • Share ur bed with him , at night keep his hand to ur p**** , or musterbate him , then matter starts 🥰

  • Ask him Wich pare of underwear look better on u thin switch thin in front of him

  • Do you guys share same bed or sleep separate?

  • How old were you and how old was your brother when he used to do that?

  • You start playing with him accidentally touch his d**k .. he will the same thing again and eventually come to you. .. show some more signs so that whe would be urs on bed.

  • Ur brother is lucky

  • I will help u. i had a great d***. i will satisfy u very much

  • I am also want to f*** you. I'm your brother.

  • Rub your p**** when he is around you

  • Really

  • Really?

  • I have my married sister I am attracted to her and I want to f@@@k her what should I do please how to seduce her.

  • Married your sister? Why are you two not having s**??

  • Hi i watching p*rn for many years and i watch it when my sister was near me we are in one room . In that room two beds one for me and another for her . She love watching love movies .she asked me to download a movie .i downloaded it then i sawed it first in night i saw a s*x scene in that movie but my sister dont know that i watched the movie .then next day was her holiday but i have college . I went to college . Then she watched the movie and the s** scene also

  • When i was younger i watched p*most of the time then i suddenly got attracted to my sister and i asked herr do you want to have s** and she said no i got a little bit sad then the next day i got her watching p*** and mast*rbating so on purpose i walked into her room and she got scared and i said that im going to tell mum and dad she begged me not to say it and she said she'll do anything so i dont tell then i said have s*x with me then she said fine then we had it and she was really tight i c*mmed all over her and inside her it felt good and she said that it was too. we then started to have s*x regurarly. and we are still having s*x right now and we never use any protection i just c*m in her p*ssy we do an*l, or*l, and all the other stuff

  • If she become pregnant what will you do then

  • HAHA you just make p*** logic work on this post

  • I am very happy for you both I wish I had this kind of big luck on my side

  • What is your age?

  • I also f***** my sister so many times ..and ahe likes it even she sucks my d*** whenever she wants... When mom and dad are not around we always have s** ...she likes to suck my c***... She is good in bed... I like f****** her

  • That's great, just remember to use birth control 👍

  • I also want to f*** my elder sister

  • Me too

  • I want to have s** with both my sisters.

  • In our society only the boys are blamed. The peoples in our society are f****** idiots

  • My story is same but my sister accepted it . But it took a h*** lot of a time . Like a year and now we are so close .

  • Same here, me and my sister have s** frequently. Nothing wrong with it.

  • Bro Im wanking behind a pillow right if front of my sis 💦

  • As long as you use protection, i don't see a problem with this.

  • That same s*** happened with me too...

  • We wore quite small I had twin sister 3 year smaller than me...We used to sleep together... One day I had problem with my p****, I did operation...Most of the time my attention was on p****...at night some times it gets b**** once I rubbed my p**** in one of my sister's back...I did rubbed my p**** in sister but ...I couldn't get my p**** in side sister p**** ...when I try she used to stop...For about 6 years my night wore intersesting kissing 2 sis,touching b**** and trying to f*** 2 sister in p**** ...when I say I f*** sis doesn't me we talk,sis pretend to be sleep ...I try to wake them to make it comfortable ...then my sisters reached 6 grade and I was 8 I am sexually attractive to sister...sisters looks mature b**** have become bigger because of me...I did my sister till grade 7 most night ... now we stop ...Some time I try to f*** them but they rufese ...

  • When I was a boy. I use to play with my sister. I don't know but she always use to touch my private part. She is younger than me but she used to do it. I started liking it. One when she was rubbing my peni#, I started feeling a different kind of thing. She gave me a Mest###ration. After thatImy s** desire increased. But I had no idea of doing this. I try an#l with her and lost my virg#nity. I tried to do all those things many times. But I never leaked her v#gina. One dayIwhen she was sleeping. I try to open her dress and started kissing her v#gina. She woke up and started blaming me. She told everyone in the house. I felt ashamed. I am not guilty. She gave birth the s#xual desire in me. I feel alone. No body in my home love me. They still think that I am the root cause. And now she is enjoying with her boyfriend. She lost her v#rginity. But every one in the house blame me.. I really feel sad....

  • Yeaah bro..you re a hero..you know now you should rape your siayer

  • Yeah bro . Dont feel ashamed. A day come when her boyfriend will cheat on her . Then she will realize .

  • It really same bro I had it too

  • Hey bro listen to me its not your fault its the fault of our society where girls are always seen as victims and boys as culprits no matter what..so whether or not you were guilty your family and everyone will blame you so get up and move on, don't think of this to much you are not going to spend your entire life with your family after some years you yourself will forget this incident so stop overthinking about this and start focusing on the career and "ek kaan se suno aur dusre kaan se nikal do" avoid all those people as much as possible because they does not mean anything to your life they are simply there to make you feel guilty since no one supported you while your hard times then why do you give importance to them? stop reacting like a girl who wants sympathy and start being a bold man.

  • "When i was a boy" what the f*** do you mean by this? are you a girl now?

  • He means he is a man now,

  • He means he's a MAN now, not quite sure how you didn't get that

  • Good observation
    Try to join CID

  • I've had a sexual relationship with my sister for over a decade. It started when we were fairly young, too young to truly understand what we were doing. It lasted over ten years and we did everything, oral, a***, unprotected, public, you name it. We weren't in love, it was just l*** and o******. It eventually ended when I moved abroad, and while we kept sexting for a while that eventually died out too and now we haven't had s** in about three years and we kinda agreed that it's over.

  • Look, the sooner the entire global society comprehends and acknowledges that incest is just mainstream, the better. Granted it was taboo however it is NO LONGER a radical or even liberal change to normal lifestyles anymore. No one will ever convince me that sociologists with innovative or curious foresight would deny seeing this refreshing, yet healthy evolution in some family units. To keep the concept in its appropriate perspective, we should not ever proclaim that it will or should be universal ; only that intimate, sexual relations within a family unit is in many cases a fate, bound or likely to occur, inevitable, unpreventable, etc. Above all however, it will always be an act that is as natural as breathing.

  • Are you f****** idiot? What do you f-ing mean?its incest and its WRONG

  • Incest is not wrong. Its great and healthy.

  • Yes I agree

  • Wtf is wrong with you sick f***.

  • Incest between adults is ok and legal in parts of Europe. Why do you think i'm sick??

  • At first I used to hate my sis but now I don't because one day I watched p*** v and got too h**** and I was about to j******* then I saw her damn she was so hot my perception for her changed since that day upto now I'm thinking on how to approach her and have s** u know sometimes I feel like tearing her clothes off and rape her u know f*** her hard till she submits to ur will then I hold myself back thinking that if she doesn't then what ?? somehow I manage to stop myself but everyday it gets hard for me to hold myself back everyday I feel like to go to her take off my cloth and f*** everyday my c*** ask me to go to and taste her sweet p**** but I hold myself back because I'm afraid of going near her so guys if u have any suggestions for me on how to make her get laid with me then pls pls pls share it with because it is getting harder and harder for me to contrl my virgin d*** it needs p**** so pls pls share ur secrets with me thank u

  • Use female v***** or Spanish fly drops she will only jump on you and tair your clothes and full fill your desire

  • It will took time bro maybe months. Start by hugging her at night in sleep . Then touch her b**** . Make her feel the pleasure then one day put your hands on her b**** and try sucking them because girls love it . Suck her b**** but dont make her open her eyes . Do it like nothing happens. Because it make her feel uncomfortable and regretfull and also guilty . And go on dont take her virginity do a*** with protection but make it slowly . And also try to talk with her daily share your feelings towards her so she can accept you without thinking abou society. Best of luck bro

  • I also get the same felling

  • My sis is very hott and i found myself wanting her. i waited until we were alone then i simply asked her.
    i said, "sis i want to ask you something, but idk how you will take it".
    she said, "you can ask but i might refuse to give you an answer".
    me "I said ok then here it goes, you are very hott and i want to have s** with you?"
    sis "you want to WHAT?"
    me "i want to eat your p****"
    sis "h*** NO!
    i went and took a cold shower and went to bed, later i awoke to my sis giving me Head"

  • Idk but my sister is the best

    One afternoon we were sleeping and i saw her t** over her shoulder peeping out. That made my c*** hard. I couldnt hold it so i just poked it on her ass. Firstly she was startled but later she started enjoying it. After that she turned and started jacking me off. And also later that night we went to the terrace and had a good old f***. Since then we have been f****** regularly.

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