Sun tan lotion

To this day the smell of sun lotion gets me hard. I lost my virginity at the beach when I was 16 to a girl I was left alone with and we did it after I was rubbed the lotion all over her. I revisit that day every time I smell it.

Sep 19, 2016

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  • Totally understand. Same happens to me when seeing very long, jet-red nails. Goes back to when I messed around and had my first time with my hot older sister, who kept her nails long and red. Was also how we started, my attraction to her nails and body. Even today, if she does them jet-red, I'm done for. Hard as a rock.

    Few months ago, I was having lunch at my usual sports bar, and my bartender friend, whom I've known for years, and keeps her nails nice and sometimes long, had them done the same red color. Was one of the few times I actually got hard sitting there at the bar. True story.

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