My wife would kill me

Earlier today, I bought a full-length fur coat for my mistress, for her birthday in October. She's going to look so good in it, once the weather turns. I'm going to buy her a new car for Christmas. I don't know what I'll get my wife, but it won't be much. I'd rather spend money on the mistress. Better returns.

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  • Lol divorce your wife and marry your mistress.Or do you get a thrill, out of having your cake and eating it too? :)

  • Of course. Who doesn't?? :)

  • End things with your wife if you care the slightest bit for her. It will be better for everyone don't put her and yourself through h***.

  • What lies! Stop trolling others.

  • Having a mistress and cheating on your wife is no big deal and nothing new but I gotta ask, do you think it's 1981 or something?? There is nothing elegant or appealing about a fur coat! If you had any class you wouldn't have to spend money on that street walker that appreciates nutria fur and you could go find yourself a real mistress.

  • All I can tell you is that this girl is the real deal, and she loves fur. So.......she gets the fur.

  • Dude, fur is murder! WTF you thinkin!

  • If you saw this magnificent s*** in this magnificent coat, you'd think as I do: it is TOTALLY worth killing a few meaningless animals for. H***, I'd even kill YOU for it. :)

  • I want to like you but you're gonna have to be nicer to

  • LOL. Deal!!

  • I am a mistress sorta. I am sleeping with my friend's husband. I'll do any naughty thing he desires, and I urge him to test my boundaries. I don't want him to leave his ex, but it's a mystery to me why he doesn't. He's not happy most of the time, and s** is not good between them. For the longest time she looked like a d*** lesbian, until I convinced her to try to look a little bit like a woman. It's not much of an improvement, but it's better than before. Too many men stay. Wouldn't your lover be a solid partner if you gave her the chance?

  • Lol!! What a gracious and selfless friend you're, sleeping with your friend's husband, because their love life has gone sour and not forgetting the tips you give her, to regain her husband's interest!! lol you're truly, a dedicated friend!! :) Lol what a b****!!

  • What a narrow minded keyboard warrior you are. I have given her tips to help her feel better about herself, and to regain her husband's interest. Do you think her b**** lesbiann hair was doing her any favors? No, it wasn't, and by her own words her husband didn't like it. Who suggested gently she should soften her look? ME. I've explained make-up to her. I've taken her shopping. I've bought her clothes that fit better and flatter her body better. I've given her tips and suggestion on pleasing him, and being open minded. You can lead a f*cking horse to water but you can't make it drink. I love f*cking her husband, and I blow his mind. I am younger and hotter, and if I wanted him he would be mine. BUT do I take him? NO. So, you can get off your soapbox and open your eyes. There's always far more to a story than you think you know. You know nothing.

  • Yes, I think that she could be -- and eventually WILL be -- an exceptional wife and partner. I really have no doubt of that: she is marriage material. She's intelligent and creative, she speaks well, she dresses VERY well, she's respected by everyone who knows her, and she has a good job with opportunities to advance. Although I am not at a place in my life where I could easily leave home, I totally WOULD leave home if she gave me the ultimatum. And she knows that. Once my kids are all in their teens, I very well may leave anyway, and give the mistress an ultimatum. Problem is, that day is almost four years away, and there's already an age gap between us of about 17 years (nearly a full generation). She's not ready to commit to marriage right now because she's still quite young. Maybe she will be ready to marry me in four years, but maybe in four years, she'll have found somebody better and younger and richer. Right now, she likes the thrill of adultery (she's always had a "thing" for married men, ever since she was a teenager), but that could change over time. As for your own situation, I have to say . . . DAMN! I really love the fact that you're having s** with the husband of a friend! That is really, really, really sexy!!! I love the boldness of it, and the excitement of the fact that you're close to his wife. I've not managed to make that move, but -- for what it's worth -- I think there is an incredible beauty in it. I have so many questions, but for now I'll limit myself to just one because I'm so curious about it: are you married, too, so that your relationship with him has to be steered through two marriages, or are you single? I'd love to know more, but I'll just focus on that part. Thanks for writing!

  • I am single, so I have a lot of freedom to do as I please, and I am super close with him and his wife. She's a difficult person to be friends with, but he makes it worth it. I don't mean she's a bad person, or that I am only her friend because of him, but she's moody, a bit self focused, and kind of a downer at times. I spend a lot of time with them, and I think I provide a distraction from the same old same old for them both, but then I kick it up a notch with him by being his perfect plaything.

  • I am really completely amazed by how much power you have and exert. You are in control, not only of your relationship with him, but also of his relationship with HER. I doubt he even recognizes that you are managing his marriage: he probably thinks you're just focused on yourself and your own interests, not recognizing how you are moving the pieces -- ALL of them -- around the chess board. You are truly INCREDIBLE! I can't even begin to explain how impressive this is, or how sexy this is. All I can say is "WOW". Are you involved with any other man or men, or do you keep yourself available for him whenever he can get away from her? Do you see this relationship with him becoming a long-term thing (or is it already that)? And finally, a very very personal question: have you ever made love with him in the bed where he sleeps with her, and if so, was the s** more exciting in that space that she thinks is private and exclusive? I really love what you are doing in this situation, and I utterly admire your strength and your skill.

  • I never looked at it that way, but you're probably actually right. I do control a lot from the background. I let her think she's in charge of the show, but I get what I want at the end of the day. I would love to take him for my own, but I won't steal him. If he wants to leave he will have to make that decision on his own. I am ok either way. I am perfectly happy as a single woman, but I would also welcome a partner in "crime". And even more access to his c*** and c** would be awesome.

    For the first year I only had s** with him, but then I branched out and I have had s** with a few other men. I don't tell him. I actually would be happy to only sleep with him, but a girl has needs! He and I get to have s** often though, because I am close to them both so it's not unusual for her to leave him and I alone together.

    She has no idea that we're having an affair, but she would go off the deep end if she discovered it. Which is silly, because I am the reason he's content enough to stay with her.

    We did have s** in their bed once, and it was super hot. We've had s** in their kitchen, living room, back yard, front veranda, front hallway... often while she sleeps upstairs in their bedroom.

  • Now I see what you meant when you wrote that you're "a mistress sorta": you are so far BEYOND the level of "mistress" that you can't even really qualify for that status. Damn! I think you're even beyond "wife". As far as this particular man is concerned, you are certainly more to him, doing more for him, and (to my mind) mean more in his life than anyone else does, and probably ever has. All the places you've made love with him in their house would be enough to elevate you to this loftier place, but the fact that you frequently give yourself to him WHEN SHE IS IN THE HOUSE? Oh my m************ God! You said you encourage him to push your boundaries and borders, but you are MORE than doing that for him. Yes, yes, yes, these are sexual things that you've spoken of, but I know you're more involved in the personal parts of BOTH their lives than would a typical mistress (mine, for one now-fading example) and you are more thrilling than would be a typical wife (also mine, for one increasingly-miserable example). I won't ask any more s** questions -- at least for the time being, although I have so many to ask -- but there is something else that I really must ask. Do any of your girlfriends know how incredibly smart you are? Does HE even know? Or does he think you're just a spectacular s** partner? What you are doing in the lives of this couple requires an intellect that virtually sparkles and hums. No, I'm not just speaking about hiding your relationship with the husband, but about your overall position in their lives, all maintained while you are carrying on a powerful and heated physical relationship. It's amazing to me. Does anybody IN YOUR LIFE understand or comprehend the depth of your intelligence? Anybody?? I've never known ANYONE who's managed to give as much to a man as you've given to this one, all while maintaining her sanity and a beautifully positive outlook.

  • You flatter a girl. I like what I do, and I keep all of us happy for the most part. Although at times I think she senses something between he and I and it gets to her. You know, like that thing you can't quite put your finger on, but it's hard to tell if she actually senses something because she's very moody in general. We've had some near misses with getting caught, but I am quick/convincing and although it gets the heart rate right up there we've managed. You probably think I am this massive liar in general, but I actually don't like to lie, but with that being said I am extremely good at it. In my day to day life I am very honest, and I've never slept with any other married men before or since being with him. I didn't even set out to have an affair with him, but some people you just find yourself drawn to, and then when you discover you have sexual chemistry off the charts it's hard to deny yourself that, even when you know that you have no right. He and I text non-stop during the day when we're both at work, but she's aware we text, just not the extent. I think you're right about something...I think I have charmed him to the point that he would likely find himself quite miserable if he no longer had me. He does a lot for her, and I once asked him what he takes for himself. His answer was me. He took me for himself. I absolutely love to spoil him, because I can see people have taken and taken from him over the years. He's a giver. He'll help anyone. So, I flipped the script. I put him in charge. Sexually he can have anything he wants from me, and he need not even ask. He just has to tell me, and I'll do it. I drive him crazy which drives me crazy. He says he's a lucky man. She says I am the best friend she's ever had. I get what I want, but maintain my freedom and independence. I'm pretty happy with my life. You can ask any questions you life...s** questions or otherwise. :)

  • We hear people say all the time, "I could write a book", and 999,999 times out of a million, that's either entirely untrue -- because the person isn't smart enough or artful enough to write anything interesting -- or it would make for a very boring book that nobody would buy. In your situation, though, you actually could do it. You clearly have the intellect for it, and your life is worthy of being captured on paper. And once written, that book could be made into a movie or mini-series. That isn't flattery (despite what you may think, NO ONE who knows me would ever consider me a flatterer), it's just true. For obvious reasons, you couldn't publish it or sell the movie rights under your own name, but you could use a nom de plume, without problem or risk. Your life is a testament to the thrill of the chase ( and marital infidelity and intrigue) and to the sacrifice of love, and both are powerful messages and beautiful goals. Readers of romance novels would make this a best seller just by themselves. However, even people who think what you're doing is wrong (I am not one of those, as you know) would read your book, albeit perhaps in private and without admitting to it. You are an incredibly special person, with an incredibly special story (or group of stories, perhaps suggesting the possibility of a series of books), and it's a story that should be told. I will write you again in a day or two (about this, but also with more of my s** questions), but I want you to take some time to consider this idea, and do so seriously. In addition to being special, I think you are important, and I genuinely believe more women need to hear what -- and how -- you think. In the meantime, be well.

  • I think I just might. I actually love to write. I just need more hours in a day! Thanks for the suggestion. Be well and have fun with your women. ;) You were fun to chat with. I don't understand the fur coat, but you're clearly intelligent and have a fun witty way about you.

  • Should just leave your wife, but, I understand..Few years ago, I was messing around with my friend and business partner (we spent so much time together, it was bound to happen), while my wife basically drank away her life. I took friend/business partner/s** provider for a high-end holiday dinner..Went all out, spared little expense on her..Even roses at the table. While the same holiday dinner with the wife was..Applebee's. No flowers or feeling. Just did it so she couldn't say I didn't.

  • LOL. I totally totally TOTALLY understand. I know I'm biased, but it's difficult to be romantic with someone when there is either NO s** involved or TEPID s** involved. Romance, to my way of thinking, should lead to something bigger, hotter, more. In my situation at home, there's s**, but it's uninspired and uninspiring. In order for me to be romantic -- like the fantastic dinner you planned and executed -- the sexual component has to be both present AND thrilling. The mistress gets the romance because she provides the excitement. I appreciate your sharing your experience, and I hope others will do likewise, if so led.

  • Why don't you leave your wife? Also, ew to the fur coat. What a tacky f-ing gift.

  • You wouldn't think it was tacky if you ever saw this b**** in it. You'd think it was the sexiest g****** thing you ever saw in your entire life. And you'd want to f*** the b**** wearing it. But she belongs to me.

  • I am a straight woman, so I probably wouldn't want to f*** her, and it's still tacky and gross. I am glad you enjoy her though, but still don't understand why you keep the wife?

  • She's solid and dependable as a wife and partner, and she's a great mother to our kids. But she's never been good in bed; she's just . . . okay. I do actually love her, but the mistress really knows her way around a man's body, and she never says no to anything I want to do to hers. Can't say that about the wife, sorry to say. And I'm sorry to have misidentified you as male: now that I look again, there was nothing in your message that indicated your s**, so I guess I fell victim to gender-profiling. Very sorry. Very embarrassed. I see that I should have been less "male"(?). :)

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