I'm not strong enough

To be as cruel as him.

I'm over him, and he think he's coaxed me back into his arms again.
But I'm not stupid enough to fall for that again. I'm not one of THOSE girls.
Last time was the LAST time.
I just want him to get a taste of his own medicine.
I just don't think I can be that cruel :/

Jul 8, 2010

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  • "Stop trying to take matters into your own hands!". Yeah, imagine if people actually took action, chose sides and stood up for what they think is right/wrong. The best solution is ofcourse to surrender to god and become an emtpy shell with no thoughts of your own...

  • Nah, that wasn't the originator, cause I am. This confession is kinda moot now anyways, cause I ended things before they even began. I was just angry, so I posted this. Thanks to everyone who commented though.

  • to the commentor "That is f-ing stupid..."

    are you the orignator of the confession .. I guess you have taken the same to the heart ....

  • I can.

  • That is f-ing stupid. When you get hurt by someone, it is never a good idea to seek revenge. It is not our job to bring on karma, that stuff tends to happen by itself. Doing something intentionally to hurt another human being will result in karma coming back to bite YOU in the ass, no matter what he has done to you in the past. Stop trying to take matters into your own hands!

  • LOL, you believe in 'karma.' Aww, you sweet summer child.

    Taking matters into your own hands, or farming it out to someone else, is how you demonstrate to cruel people that their bullshit will not stand. It's the only thing they comprehend.

  • I meant that may be his also equally hurt as u ar.. & wants to settle scores

  • ^ what do you mean?

  • seeking revenge.. may be he also feels the same way like u do..

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