I was in a relationship with a woman and while we fooled around a bit we never had real s**. One day she suggested that we move in together but then she dropped a bombshell on me.

She was asexual. No s** no fooling around anymore no kids if we married or in other words nothing even remotely of a sexual nature would we ever do together.

I said thanks for the information. You should have told me sooner. I'm not moving in with you and we will never date again.

I went home and three weeks later she called me and told me to come back to her but I said no. I suggested she find a man who had been born with no genitalia or perhaps another woman who shared her lack of desire.

After that she never called me again.

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  • Good Deal!

    That asexual relationship ain't going nowhere.

    Ya did right by sendin' her ass to the curb.

  • You know what this used to refer to before lgbt hijacked it....animals that can reproduce without a partner, humans can't do this...

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