Ploughmans lunch

Sorry about that title, it just made me giggle when I thought of something it. Anyways, I am a 17 year old bisexual guy living in the UK, and I have an ever growing need to be made into some guys b**** made to serve his c***. Normally I am very dominate in s**, and I'm not exactly the most twink like gay, I'm just above average hight, have a pretty large c*** and am pretty strong. But there is nothing I want more then for some guy who is taller and stronger then me to make into a c** hungry s*** that only exist to serve his c***. I would never let somebody do it though, I want them to force me into it, I want them to grab me by the neck, force me down, rape my tight ass and then make them clean their c***, begging for more, but, if they can't physically do that, or have a smaller c*** then me, then it will be quite the opposite.

I don't know why I am posting this, maybe I'm expecting to be sent a phone number to call and get a master. Maybe I just annoyed that I can't find a guy who can physically make me their b**** and so I'm just venting. Maybe I should be on a gay dating site instead. Oh well. F*** it.

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  • Send me your number, i will transform you into a girl, and make you a little sissy, to serve men on your knees.

  • Sounds fun, but no

  • I have a smaller c*** but am strong, I could make you my b**** easily by what you've said. As soon as you came into my house, I'd throw you to the floor, strip you naked and make you crawl around. I'll also whip your big c***, that's all it'll be used for as you'all be pleasing just me from now on. I'll f*** you in the ass while you are forced to suck on d*****. Then you'll go make me some dinner b****. Starters for you will be my dirty c*** that's uncleaned since it's been up your arsehole. I might let you eat some dinner then but dessert will be licking my ass, get your tongue right up in there b****. After you've washed your mouth out, we'll make out, ourdicks rubbing together, I don't care that your d*** is bigger, confused? I'll start jerking you off but I'll never let you c**, you'all never c** in my house, but I'll take you to the edge, then when you're super hard, I'll tie your hands to the bed posts and whip your d*** again until you can't take it anymore. I'll leave you tied up all night while I f*** your a***, pull out and c** all over your face. I'll repeat this throughout the night. I'll unlock you early but you better have made me breakfast by the time I've showered, all washes apart from my d*** which is your breakfast, this time after several a*** f*******. How does it feel being the submissive b**** of someone with a smaller d***? You're the lowest of all the b******.

  • Sounds like an incredible amount of fun, maybe use me as a c*** warmer while your relaxing, just sitting down playing game or on FB with you hard c*** in my ass? But I'm really hoping your not too small, I want somebody who can destroy me.

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