College memories

When I was a freshman in college I roomed with my best friend from high school. We were both barely eighteen and he was the only one who knew that I was a closeted gay guy. Both of us were virgins , kind of the misfit types and we had a bet going to see who could get laid first. One night I was studying in our room and he was on a date. It was late and he suddenly burst into the room laughing. He told me that he had won the bet sort of. He told me the story of how he had gone back to his dates room and they were making out hot and heavy. One thing lead to another and before he knew it he was sticking his unprotected c*** into the c*** of a virgin. He said they had just started going at it when his dates roommate came into the room. Startled and embarrassed he pulled out , pulled his pants up and ran out of the room as the roommate was giggling and cat calling. He just freaked out and ran with his still hard c*** half hanging out of his jeans. I told him I didn't believe it. He then dropped his pants and there before me was his semi hard and impressively long c*** covered in s** juice and a little blood. He started laughing and bragging. While he was taunting me all I could do is stare at that semi hard delicious looking c***. I had never had a sexual encounter with anyone before so my c*** started getting hard. I was lost in the moment , my eyes locked onto his beautiful c*** , the first c*** I had ever seen besides my own. Suddenly I noticed he had stopped laughing and our eyes locked. There was a moment of silence before he spoke. You know , he started , I never got to blow my load. I can't go to sleep with blue b****. I smiled too afraid to speak. My heart started racing and my mind swirled with l***. He started stroking his c*** and it only took a few seconds for his semi to turn into a massive h******. It was thick and long with a pair of the biggest b****. He stepped forward to where I was sitting on my bed until I could smell his c***. The musky smell mixed with fresh p**** juice was revolting and delightful at the same time. As I stared at his c*** inches from my face he said, help a freind out. The next thing I knew his hand was on the back of my head as he pushed my face into his crotch. I closed my eyes as my tounge danced up and down his shaft. I sucked and licked his huge hairy b**** until I couldn't stand it anymore. My mouth skillfully glided up his shaft until I reached his swollen c*** head. It was wet with precum as it slid effortlessly into my hit mouth. I could taste the tangy p**** juice and blood as it mixed with my my salvia. He began to thrust his hips into my mouth as his moans filled the air. I felt the thickness of his hard c*** pump into my waiting mouth. I traced the bulging veins with my tounge and then swirled my head as I sucked more feverishly. My own c*** was throbbing in my shorts , ready to explode without me even touching it. Both of his hands pressed the back of my head harder as his thrusting grew more intense. I could feel a steady trickle of precum and salvia dripping down my throat. His c*** began to invade my mouth deeper as he grunted intently. My hands gripped his muscular buttocks as I spurred him on. He suddenly stopped. I felt his buttocks tense up and his back arched. He grunted loudly and then I felt it. His c*** throbbed uncontroably in my mouth. Spurt after hot spurt of his thick c** squirted against my tounge. He panted quickly as a volcano of sweet c** suddenly filled my mouth. I gulped loudly as a big glob of s**** went down my throat. He started gently thrusting again. More and more c** throbbed out of his swollen c*** and I swallowed it greedily. He sighed as his body went limp. I continued sucking his c*** for awhile until it had gone limp. After that night our freindship took a different turn. When he couldn't get laid I sucked him off and eventually he took my V card just to get things rolling. Ah , those college memories.

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