Any opinions

on the Charlotte situation?

Sep 23, 2016

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  • Another George Soros funded rent-a-mob. The b****** should have been arrested, tried and executed years ago.................

  • Keep slamming that Faux News Kool-Aid! Goes great with eating paint chips and porking your sister-wife.

  • These comments are perfect proof of why we can't have or express opinions that are at odds with the Black Agenda. The solution to these situations is clear, easy and immediate, but it doesn't comport with the Black Agenda.

  • In case you haven't noticed (you have, you're just cherry-picking), the other side isn't any better. There are way too many people on both sides of the aisle who cannot tolerate anyone daring to have an opinion variant from theirs. It's a social cancer, and in a better world the two extremes would kill each other off Thunderdome-style.

  • Idiot!!

  • See? Proves the point.

  • Still an idiot!! :)

  • Guns shouldn't be legalised in the USA.Police officers shouldn't be allowed by law, to hold firearms!
    The consequences of this factor, is always on the news!!

  • I think someone should just get rid of her web and silence the talking pig too.

  • Isn't it interesting that public protests are routinely met with a militarized police response ...

    The state has abandoned the citizenry to its own destiny; the only rational response is that the citizenry abandon the state to ITS own destiny.

  • Mainstream media says it was mostly peaceful yet I see vids of them really f****** s*** up and being just as racist as what they protest against

  • Those creatures need to learn to listen to the cops.

  • Its easy to blame the cops put urself n their place dark nite facing drug fueled n***** u dont kno what hes going 2 do seconds to decide very easy to mak a mistake

  • We're all creatures in this world, regardless of our race and ethnicity.If you don't realise that, you can't be helped with your stupidity and ignorance!!

  • You are allowed to have opinions on these situations, as long as they align precisely with BLM. Otherwise? You're SOL.

  • I've seen completely opposite views I know I'm being lied to I just don't know which side

  • Don't choose a side, you aren't obligated to ;)
    Listen to your heart.What does it tell you?

  • It tells me there are too f****** many spoiled brats with humongous mouths constantly squealing in each ear, and one of these days that might end up being really bad for a large group of people.
    Everyone has their breaking point.

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