Has anyone just hate their teenage or adult step kids

Tell me why?

Sep 23, 2016

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  • Its impossible to hate the little step daughters with their fat little ass and juicy p******

  • Because now-a-days most people have no pure love for those who're not theirs. Kids will be kids. You won't like them whether they're yours or not. It's about how you handle them. If you can't even handle yourself then it's better to not have your own or anyone else kids. It's that simple. In order to accept other kids you have to love them like they're your own. To me, all kids are the same. You just have to have the kind of love that wins others' hearts. You might think it's easier said than done, but what do you know about me?!

    This is just my personal opinion.

  • His mother refuses to let him work for anything. He is 15 and has never been required to do his own laundry, clean his own room, cook his own food or anything else that might resemble any sort of self reliance. Him being grounded is an absolute joke. He has absolutely no work ethic and will never put out any more than the absolute minimum effort to get anything done. The only thing he is good at is guilting his mother into giving him whatever he wants. He is going to be a charity case for the rest of his life.

  • So, this kid is a worthless piece of s*** already it seems. It's bad parenting.

  • Exactly what I am experiencing.
    The similarities are utterly disturbing.

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