Silver lining

In the past few month my wife cheated and left me, moved out with her lover from work, my youngest daughter has moved away to uni, and i am left all alone,
however the silver lining is... i have been sleeping with my daughters friend several times in the last few weeks, shes 19 compaired to my 56years of age and she is just a totel nympho, party animal and amazing young woman, what started as a favor and a chat had now endured into one the most amazing experances of my life, iv had the snip so she lets me cream her soft love tunnel everytime we do it, she goes out clubbing 3 or 4 times a week and i pick her up early hours of the morning, bring her back to my empty house and we go to town on each other

Sep 26, 2016

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  • Do you think she is just f****** you? or do u think she getting f***** by other guys?

  • She can f*** other guys and more than likely is but i dont own her and we are not together

  • How hard do you f*** her? does it get rough?

  • It can and has got very rough, she enjoys a good hair tug and my had around her neck, once fueled by drink she gets thirsty for l***

  • You must have been a saint in a previous life to receive such a gift. I hope you're teaching her well. I'm betting you're eating her all the time.. tech her that real men eat p****

  • I must have yes, she is out again tonight and im getting aome rest before oicking her up at 2am, yes i do devore her sweet p**** and she loves me licking her brown starfish, she should expect no less

  • Make sure u lick her p****

  • Oh i do and she tastes incredable, the smell of her is always amazing, only downside is when kissing her after shes been out she tastes like a bottle wkd and ashtray, but i can live with that!

  • Describe her for us? what type things does she wear for clubbing?

  • Without sounding insulting to her, she is abit of a blonde airhead, not very bright and abit of a bimbo, always with fake tan, fake eyelashes covered in makeup but she is a size 8 long blonde hair down to her a*** with amazing dd t***, i always feel massive in size when on top of her and feel like im going to break her, shes always in short dresses tight skirts, sky high heels which i love her to keep on,

  • Whats the sluttyest thing shes worn?

  • Oh i could not narrow that one down, her skirts can b very short, and the amount of times she got in my car with no knickers on,
    one the nost memorable times was once i picked her up and we didnt even make it back to mine, she was wearing these wetlook skin tight leggings with thick waistband, sky high heels and tiny b*** tube thing showing off her stomach, needless to say i got carried away at side the road and tore a hole in the rear of her legging, bent her over the side the car and did my duty, i remember the waistband as i held onto like a pair of handle bars looking down at her small tight frame being slammed into by mine

  • Lucky you! Have fun... keep her... this is hard to find

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