I have been sneakily wearing panties and things ever since I could remember. I married a very sexy wife. She had no Idea about my secret. One day She left for shopping all day with her best friend Samantha. Once i was in the clear I was wearing bras and panties and trying on some of my wife's one piece swimsuits.
I was laying on the bed wearing her floral print suit reading leg show magazine. The television was on low . Then the bedroom door opened . My wife's eyes came out of her sockets and I scrambled to take the swim suit off . She was shocked and I was Busted.

As it turned out her friend had some unexpected emergency and had to drop my wife off and cancel the shopping trip. She was shocked ,She asked all sorts of questions as to my sexuality . I felt so ashamed of myself about a week later after my shower on the bed was a one piece swimsuit tank style and it was covered in multi colored flowers. The note read . Honey I know you love swim wear so be a good little sissy and put this on under your clothes before we go to dinner. I was nervous and a little scared but i was hard as a rock. I got dressed and went downstairs .

I was greeted in the kitchen my sexy wife sipping wine. She came over to me and put her hands into my sweater and ran her hand all over the suit . the feeling of her hands on the silky material was electrifying. She undid my pants and let them fall to my knees and she ran her hands over my hardon she smiled and said " looks like you really like your new swimwear" i could not speaks she took another sip of wine and walked away saying time to go honey. I scrambled pulling up my pants.

At the restaurant we met her best friend and her husband , It was the average dinner date except I was very nervous . constantly wondering what if ! what if they can see what i have on , what if my sweater rides up . etc etc. after we were done eating Samantha asks my wife so did you go Shopping my wife nods and says oh yeah. What did you buy My wife looks at me and says oh just a coupe of new swimsuits, Some floral prints. Samantha says very excited , Oh I bet they are just delightful ! My wife responds Oh yes James certainly thinks so ! , i turn beet red. Oh my god im thinking my wife told her friend . I'm hard as a rock , I am a ashamed and I just want to get out of there. The husband chimes in and says Arent we lucky James we married expert shoppers ! My wife says we sure are ! The the waiter interrupts with the checks. As i am going over the check i feel my wife's hand groping my h****** from the front of my pants.

on the way home I asked my wife if she had told her friend. She laughed and said why would you like that. Of course i said no . But kept on prying . She denied again. When i said Well the way you mentioned the shopping I feel like you did tell her. In a mad voice she said SO what if i did sissy , its not like you can do anything about it , your the one who likes wearing girl stuff. So just shut up you sissy. An i did just that.

When we arrived home. She said slip into the bed in just your sissy suit and be prepared to give me a good back rub. As was rubbing her back she started using a mini vibe on herself. She came about 3 times. then she said now rub my feet sissyboy. Hearing her say that was humiliating but it excited me . i was now giving her a foot rub. She started rubbing the front of the silky swimsuit. Her rubbing was constant and getting harder with each stroke , she now sat up and her other hand rubbing at my a****** as she rubbed my h****** . She said look at you sissy your about to c** in your floral swim suit like a sissy ! I lost it right then i came so hard my entire body was twitching.

over the next few weeks more swim suits showed up ! I was wearing one every Saturday night where ever we went. One evening we went out both knowingly wearing the same polkadot suit. When we got home she had changed into a floral print one and they matched her high heels she wore to dinner a floral print. I was told to switch into a floral print suit . Thats when she handed me a pair of matching heels , Saying i know these should fit you put them on sissy. I made no effort to say no, I put them on and was bit wobbly , She laughed and said dont worry honey you will learn to walk in them ! a few more weeks went bye .

Then one evening we were staying home and Samantha and her husband were coming for dinner. Like usual my swim suit was laid out a hot pink floral I slipped into it like a school girl late for the bus and got dressed . we were all drinking and everything was going good. my wife said honey i need you to go get some more wine from the store. I was like seriously? She looked at me and said yes seriously go.

When i came back i found my wife and Samantha dressed in swimwear . When i Questioned what was going on My wife said we are showing off our new swimsuits to Tom. My wife then says Some him yours honey ! i looked at my wife like Wtf. She looked back at me and I said sweetie maybe you enough wife . She said No i have not now show them your swimsuit. I nodded , My wife laughed and said They know ! I said they know what , playing dumb. My wife said they know your a swimsuit wearing sissy now show it to them . Samantha walked up to me and said here let me help you and started to help me out of my shirt.

Next think you know I am standing there in front of them with wearing a ladies swim suit. Samantha chimes in and said oh my skirt would look so good on him and she had me step into it My d*** hard as a brick as she pulled it up and fixed it into place it was stretch and like the same material as the swimwear , She said i was right look how great it fits him!

They then told me to massage their feet . Tom was sitting on the couch my wife on his side and Samantha on the other. they were both rubbing his c*** trough his pants. I was on my knees rubbing Samantha's feet My wife said Oh my god sam you were not kidden hes frig-gen huge ! i felt so humiliated . Sam said go ahead take it out ! my wife was working his zipper and then he stood of to loose his pants and his big giant d*** flopped out and hit the side of my face He sat back down and the girls were stroking him as i stared in awe . this d*** was twice the size of mine. My wife had a hold of it and said look at this sissy nice ha ? and she took the head in her mouth. samantha suggested I help my wife by licking his b**** . I was like no im good but i was in awe . My wife was struggling to take him in Samantha stood up behind me and pushed me in between toms legs ad said go ahead sissy help your wife with that she pushed me to him . my wifes big brown eyes looked at me with that d*** in her mouth she nodded and i began licking the base of his shaft , Then my wife popped it out and aimed it at me and said suck it sissy ! Samantha behind me holding my head , once it was in my mouth Samantha was saying thats it sissy suck that d*** she was forcing me up and down on it , sometimes pushing to push deeper . She was controlling my pace the depth calling me names like sissy , c********* , my wife right there watching the entire time. then he came in my mouth it hit hard and gagged me my wife had taken it and continued jerking every last bit out of his d*** onto my face and lips . Samantha was laughing and cheering calling me a sissy b****.

i was now owned by my wife , Samantha and Tom , Most Saturdays I have to suck him off , before dinner , After dinner my wife Samantha and Tom f*** in my bed while i do the dishes wearing heels and dress

Dec 6

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  • Hot story ,was at a strip club Halloween night, dressed as a street walker ,everyone was saying how i really looked like real women, alway's wanted see what like to be inside womans pubic toilet, seeing all the women putting on makeup ect,got a little drunk,went to womans toilet down in dimly lit basement, a small amount of women used this toilet, because some what creepy, though with low lighting, no one would know i was actually a man in womans under things, bra,panties, hose,sheer blouse micro skirt, anyway first couple time's none of women notice ,but as night went on,more tipsy,their were a couple of granny bbw,in toilet stall next to mine ive never notice the gloryhole, they spying me,saw i was really man dressed as women,,they took turns pounding my tiny but hole with wooden handle of plunger ,calling me all kind's of dirty names,
    Sissy weirdo ,when finished with me the 1 woman put her sanitary belt with pad still attached, on my waist, your a girl now ,a sissy girl,let's get him over to men's room so it can swallow lots of s**** loads.

  • Would love to catch a guy in womans lingerie inside womans pubic toilet room, I'd not only force large object's deep up it's butt hole ,but also force it to suck out my soiled, loose v***** & smother it with my big,sagging t***,repeatedly slapping it's face with them.
    Donna 40DD

  • That's amazing, I would love to have watched

  • Are you ok with this sitch?

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