About post – “Male 52 with sexual fantasies for underage girls"

I have a confession to make. The above confession I made a couple of days ago was not truthful of me. I submitted it to gauge a reaction. This was driven by a curiosity, which developed off the back of a conversation with a group of friends. One of the guys had said, if a guy had pedofile desires, and confessed ahead of any offending, what reaction would he get? In his opinion it would be very negative and destructive towards them so why would they do it.

This was something I had never considered. Interesting thought that a potential offender, being proactive and seeking advice ahead of actually offending, would be met with a significant amount of hostility. If this were true, it wouldn’t actually encourage someone to do the “right thing” would it? Hence, the fictitious confession to gauge a sample of this reaction.

I read an article about a guy in Germany who had similar desires to those I described in my original post. He had sought and received help ahead of any criminality or anyone getting hurt. I am not sure if there is anything similar in the UK. If there is, I suggest that it is not well publicised enough.

As for the reaction to my original post, look it up and read for yourselves, but, there is unsurprisingly hostility and shock and nothing thus far (at the time of writing this) that would encourage a person in that situation to come forward and get professional help. One of the comments was “I would castrate a man with a rusty knife if he came near my daughter. Then I'd leave him to bleed out in a filthy basement with rats. :)” - Note the smiley face at the end! WTF is that?

In my opinion, to lessen the risk some of our population have on our wider society, whether this scenario or other serious offending, we need a mechanism that encourages proactive behaviour and does not condemn, reject, mock or show hostility towards it.

I know that this is a difficult sensitive subject and I am no expert but, something better is required IMOP. Your thoughts people?

Sep 27, 2016

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  • The sad thing is that in todays society even suggesting that one has a attraction for a child gets one condemmed even if one never does any action against a child. Surely it is good to be aware of ones feelings and predections and to be able to not act.

    A pity that these feelings must be kept hidden for fear of being bashed.

  • The one who says he wrote a fake confession does the opposite.

  • Unfortunately, there are no treatments for pedophilia according to Wikipedia. The only advice doctors give to people with this disorder is this. Get in a relationship with a woman and role play. That and use common sense by remembering the horrible consequences of getting caught molesting some poor little boy or girl. As a clerk for the state police being incarcerated for molesting a child is the worst thing you can be put in prison for doing.

    Your condition is unfortunate in that you didn't ask for it but acting on this sickness will give you a fate worse than death. Believe me. I know.

  • I can say that I too have made fake confessions to simply test a hypothesis like you have done here. It has always and it will continue to confuse me how people, upon learning that someone has the intention of doing something bad and confesses to it before doing it, they will be hostile towards the person instead of accepting their confession and helping them through their dark thoughts.

    I honestly think that you are completely correct in pointing out that there is still this wierd stigma around confessing to something that is harmful to others. When they should try their best to be there for the person and get them counsiling or some other form of help, they only push the person away.

    Even the people in this comment section can't seem to get over the fact that, even though you have said that post you made was fake, they still seem to think you are a pedophile. I doubt they have read this post through.

    The social stigma around this sort of thing is massive and pretty stupid, although there are some organisations that do encourage people to come to them; these organisation are unfortunately few and far between.

    I live in New Zealand so I can't say anything about the UK but there aren't any counsiling services as far as I can find easily for people like potential pedophiles or murderers which is a shame. The only thing I can think of is the police and that is probably the worst kind of place you go to if you are looking for counsiling for that sort of thing.

  • 8 year olds, Dude ....

  • Get help. Your sick.

  • Totally true. Very sick.

  • Idiot.

  • ^ditto^

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