Boyfriends best friend

So I have been going out with my boyfriend for a year now. He is so sweet and he loves me so much (I was his first, he was almost 21) I'm 20. He has his life pretty put together but it seems like he's just way too mature for his age. He talks about getting married (f*** that I'm not getting married at 23, I can't!) , buying a house in the not so distant future. We have fun.... But not as much as when I'm with his friend. His friend seems to just be more active and adventurous and we are more... Compatible? Maybe? We have the same sense of humor and we are overall more physically I'm shape. We wrestle when he comes into town(he comes down on the weekends and leaves about Monday night) . My boyfriend joins in sometimes but other time he doesn't seem to care and just plays on his computer. (he's and IT guy so he's always on his computer, it's boring.) all this is fine and dandy but yesterday my boyfriend went to work and we were left alone. Definitely not the first time we were left to our own devices but nothing ever happens we are friends! But yesterday we were sitting on the couch watching some good old key and peel (a show my boyfriend really doesn't care for) so we were laughing our a**** off and just chilling. Then we started rubbing each other's feet. Again nothing we haven't done before in front of my boyfriend so we new he'd be cool with it. He has neck problems so I was also massaging his neck and shoulder (going to massage school) the I started give him a scalp massage and I tugged a little at the hair he said he liked it so I continued I thought it was fine then he offered to give me a scalp massage and omg his fingers are magical phalanges from the heavens he started to pull my hair a little and it kinda turned me on a bit (I haven't had my hair pulled like that before) I didn't stop myself he made my toes curl he chuckled a little when he noticed that they curled so he kept doing it. So we went off and on like that for about a half hour then as he was pulling my hair I reached up and started to pull on his a little and he took a sharp breath in and I remember so vividly that it just set me off. So we got a little more aggressive with pulling and laughing and I was so turned on more than Ive been in a while. He kept breathing in my ear and I was grinding a little, but I wasn't trying to my body just took over and then he bit my neck and I swear I was like Niagara Falls. So we kept on like that for a couple minutes and I lost it I bit his neck I little but pulled back i think we almost kissed a couple times but we didn't. It was just raw heat. I do love my boyfriend but I am a very sexual person and I need more than 3 minutes every three days! So we did that for what seemed like only 5 minutes but it was more like 15 then I came to my senses and got up and sort of ran away into the other room for a minute my heart was beating so fast. When I came back he was sitting on the couch with that same face of shame and I told him he should probably go. But then I knew I wouldn't be able handle not knowing what the h*** that was so we sat and we talked. He said he likes me and that it's not just butterflies and now I have to decide what to do bit to be completely honest moving to Poland sounds fantastic right about know. Yeah..... Long post sorry

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  • Tell him this is a one time thing and go for it. "Vegas, what happens between you two stays between you two."

  • U need to f*** him c what its like

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