Buying sneakers

So let me begin I met this Mexican women who always spoke about s** but at the time I was dating someone so I couldn't do anything had the hugest ass I ever seen on a Mexican women once I was single I remember that she was selling Jordan's that she had bought from her ex that she took back I got her number by a mutal friend because I had no way of reaching her fast foward she had told me to come up to her apartment to exam them I even suggested that was fishy and people would suspect something she didn't care she told me to come up so I went I saw the sneakers and we start to take shots of tequila once I was done I told her the prices was to high and we just started to talk I saw a roller tape and her fat ass and I had an idea I told her she had cat hair on her ass and wanted to get it off since her pants was black so she let me as I was doing so she grab my d*** and pulled back realize she had grab a monster so I told her straight up lets f*** she said no cause she has a man and I didn't give a s*** and I pulled it out her mouth drop and she layed eyes on what she was about to get like all women that see big d*** I convince her so I pulled down her pants and her big juicy ass poped out I loved it I bend her over and her p**** was so creamy short story we f***** for an hour and blew a huge load on her ass one time thing she hits me up to this date but I ignore her due to me not wanting to mess her happy home

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