Uber strict parents

When I was a child I had a friend whos parents were really really strict. He had to call his father sir and mom 'mam'. Had to ask permission to do pretty much anything. Plus he used to get the paddle. Any little infraction and he had to bed over and get whacked and it was hard. My family was almost the opposite. No structure. no discipline. No respect.

I actually used to wish that I lived in that other family. I liked going over there. I liked that I used to have to say 'hello' to each of his parents and ask to play with my friend and ask if we wanted to go down the park and be told that we had to be back by a particular time and then say 'good by' and 'thank you for having me' to each parent before I went home.

They never disciplined me by hitting but I do remember being told that I had to behave or 'we don't behave that way here' In that case I'd said something rude. I think I have memories of being told to go and stand facing the wall or go home but that could be just my imagination.

pretty odd I think

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  • Similar with my grandparents. I never knew my dad and mom was completly disorganised, overwhelmed and life was tough with never enough money. In the school holidays we would be shipped off to grandparents and sometimes for a week of camp. Loved both. Structure & predicatability. Grandparents were old fashioned straight down the line. At home if mom tried to get me out of bed on a saturday I would complain and just be a pain. Grandparents used to make us get out of bed and dress for breakfast and say grace and then clean up. For breakfast!.

    Did get punished and it hurt. paddle & facing the corner and then always some kind of chore like mowing the lawn or weeding or painting gutters. The feeling of embarasment of having done wrong inside was much worse than the pain of the paddle. I wonder about this because I never felt abused. I have a bit of a spankingg fetish. I wonder whether it was because after being paddled I felt this sense of relief almost light headedness. Forgiven? Certainly always loved. Also punishments were over pants. Never heard of this bare bottom spanking until I started to look on the internet.

  • I agree with the comment below. Balance seems key.
    I had no structure or discipline either. I also moved countries continuously growing up. I've always been incredibly turned on by dominant men and prefer to have a partner who takes charge.

  • Fake

  • I think somewhere in the middle is better. Your family needed more structure and his was a little too structured.

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