Finally the problem is leaving

The whole neighborhood is glad you are moving. Well, except for the 2 delusional idiots that believed your lies. I know about the stories you've told to deflect from yourself. I only feel relief that I will never have to see your smug face again. You are a terrible person. Any mother who leaves her kids alone to go out and drink and do drugs like you do is a disgrace. Then you use the children's ssi money for your car payment, and they have 3 year old sneakers, don't wash their clothes, feed them properly. Yeah, Cumberland Farms does not a meal make. I also know about some illegal s*** you did and I'm still contemplating whether or not to rat you out. I tolerated you because I had to. Your houses smells like ass, feet and garlic - good riddance

Sep 29, 2016

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  • Had neighbors like that, they were loud 24/7 like wwe body slamming sumu loud, a******* also had bedbugs and cockroaches - disgusting, mean and rude not to mention thieves pure white trash

  • No one likes a self righteous rat like u maybe mind ur business

  • ^^^^^ only the guilty feel that way

  • Considering how often these days people attack others with whom they disagree with by using that phrase, I'd say there are a LOT of guilty people crawling around. Too bad it's illegal to re-educate them in a way that would actually be effective.

  • About 95% of the retards on this site need that kind of "re-education"!!

  • Yikes

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